Clinical Anatomical Terminology
American Association of Clinical Anatomists

This web page contains the current anatomical terminology accepted by the Federative Committee on Anatomical Terminology and published in Terminologia Anatomica in 1998. Column One presents the Latin/Greek term while Column Two presents the English translation. Items in GREEN, RED, or STRIKE-OUT font indicate suggested additions or corrections to the terminology. Columns Three and Four present unaccepted alternative terminology, usually representing historical terms, eponyms, or clinical jargon. Column Three presents the most commonly used alternative terminology, and Column Four presents less frequently used alternative terminology.

The eponyms and clinical jargon come from various sources, including a listing found in Essentials of Human Anatomy (1994) by Woodburne and Burkel and a list compiled by Shane Tubbs, University of Alabama Birmingham.

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General Anatomy
Nomina term English term Clinical term Other alternative terms
Verticalis Vertical    
Horizontalis Horizontal    
Medianus Median    
Coronalis Coronal    
Sagittalis Sagittal    
Dexter Right    
Sinister Left    
Intermedius Intermediate    
Medialis Medial    
Lateralis Lateral    
Anterior Anterior    
Posterior Posterior    
Ventralis Ventral    
Dorsalis Dorsal    
Frontalis Frontal    
Occipitalis Occipital    
Superior Superior    
Inferior Inferior    
Cranialis Cranial    
Caudalis Caudal    
Rostralis Rostral    
Apicalis Apical    
Basalis Basal    
Basilaris Basilar    
Medius Middle    
Transversus Transverse    
Transversalis Transverse    
Longitudinalis Longitudinal    
Axialis Axial    
Externus External    
Internus Internal    
Luminalis Luminal    
Superficialis Superficial    
Profundus Deep    
Proximalis Proximal    
Distalis Distal    
Centralis Central    
Periphericus; Peripheralis Peripheral    
Radialis Radial    
Ulnaris Ulnar    
Fibularis; Peronealis Fibular; Peroneal Peroneal  
Tibialis Tibial    
Palmaris; Volaris Palmar; Volar Volar  
Plantaris Plantar    
Flexor Flexor    
Extensor Extensor    
Partes corporis humani Parts of human body    
Caput Head    
Sinciput Forehead    
Occiput Occiput    
Tempora Temple    
Auris Ear    
Facies Face    
Oculus Eye    
Bucca Cheek    
Nasus Nose    
Os Mouth    
Mentum Chin    
Collum; Cervix Neck    
Truncus Trunk    
Thorax Thorax    
Pectus Front of chest    
Abdomen Abdomen    
Pelvis Pelvis    
Dorsum Back    
Membrum superius Upper limb    
Cingulum pectorale; Cingulum membri superioris Pectoral girdle; Shoulder girdle    
Axilla Axilla    
Brachium Arm    
Cubitus Elbow    
Antebrachium Forearm Antibrachium  
Manus Hand    
Carpus Wrist    
Metacarpus Metacarpus    
Palma; Vola Palm    
Dorsum manus Dorsum of hand    
Digiti manus Fingers including thumb    
Membrum inferius Lower limb    
Cingulum pelvicum; Cingulum membri inferioris Pelvic girdle    
Nates; Clunes Buttocks    
Coxa Hip    
Femur Thigh    
Genu Knee    
Poples Posterior part of knee    
Crus Leg    
Sura Calf    
Pes Foot    
Tarsus Ankle    
Calx Heel    
Metatarsus Metatarsus    
Planta Sole    
Dorsum pedis Dorsum of foot    
Digiti pedis Toes    
Cavitates Cavities    
Cavitas cranii Cranial cavity    
Cavitas thoracis Thoracic cavity    
Cavitas abdominis et pelvis Abdominopelvic cavity    
Cavitas abdominis Abdominal cavity    
Cavitas pelvis Pelvic cavity    
Plana, lineae et regions Planes, lines, and regions    
Plana frontalia; Plana coronalia Frontal planes; Coronal planes    
Plana horizontalia Horizontal planes    
Plana sagittalia Sagittal planes    
Planum medianum Median plane; Median sagittal plane    
Plana paramediana Paramedian planes    
Plana transversalia Transverse planes    
Planum transpyloricum Transpyloric plane    
Planum subcostale Subcostal plane    
Planum subracristale Supracristal plane    
Planum intertuberculare Intertubercular plane    
Planum interspinale Interspinous plane    
Linea mediana anterior Anterior median line    
Linea sternalis Sternal line    
Linea parasternalis Parasternal line    
Linea medioclavicularis Midclavicular line    
Linea mammillaris Mammillary line; Nipple line    
Linea axillaris anterior Anterior axillary line    
Linea axillaris media Midaxillary line    
Linea axillaris posterior Posterior axillary line    
Linea scapularis Scapular line    
Linea paravertebralis Paravertebral line    
Linea mediana posterior Posterior median line    
Regiones capitis Regions of head    
Regio frontalis Frontal region    
Regio parietalis Parietal region    
Regio occipitalis Occipital region    
Regio temporalis Temporal region    
Regio auricularis Auricular region    
Regio mastoidea Mastoid region    
Regio facialis Facial region    
Sulcus suprapalpebralis Suprapalpebral sulcus    
Regio orbitalis Orbital region    
Sulcus infrapalpebralis Infrapalpebral sulcus    
Regio infraorbitalis Infra-orbital region    
Regio buccalis Buccal region    
Regio parotideomasseterica Parotid region    
Regio zygomatica Zygomatic region    
Regio nasalis Nasal region    
Sulcus nasolabialis Nasolabial sulcus    
Regio oralis Oral region    
Sulcus mentolabialis Mentolabial sulcus    
Regio mentalis Mental region    
Regiones cervicales Regions of neck    
Regio cervicalis anterior; Trigonum cervicale anterius; Trigonum colli anterius Anterior cervical region; Anterior cervical triangle    
Trigonum submandibulare Submandibular triangle    
Trigonum caroticum Carotid triangle    
Trigonum musculare; Trigonum omotracheale Muscular triangle; Omotracheal triangle    
Trigonum submentale Submental triangle    
Regio sternocleidomastoidea Sternocleidomastoid region    
Fossa supraclavicularis minor Lesser supraclavicular fossa    
Regio cervicalis lateralis; Trigonum cervicale posterius; Trigonum colli laterale Lateral cervical region; Posterior cervical triangle    
Trigonum omoclaviculare Omoclavicular triangle; Subclavian triangle    
Fossa supraclavicularis Greater supraclavicular fossa    
Regio cervicalis posterior; Regio colli posterior Posterior cervical region    
Regiones thoracicae anteriores et laterales Anterior and lateral thoracic regions    
Regio presternalis Presternal region    
Fossa infraclavicularis Infraclavicular fossa    
Trigonum clavipectorale; Trigonum deltopectorale Clavipectoral triangle; Deltopectoral triangle Mohrenheim's triangle  
Regio pectoralis Pectoral region    
Regio pectoralis lateralis Lateral pectoral region    
Regio mammaria Mammary region    
Regio inframammaria Inframammary region    
Regio axillaris Axillary region    
Fossa axillaris Axillary fossa    
Regiones abdominales Abdominal regions    
Hypochondrium; Regio hypochondriaca Hypochondrium    
Epigastrium; Regio epigastrica; Fossa epigastrica Epigastric region; Epigastric fossa    
Latus; Regio lateralis Flank; Lateral region    
Umbilicus; Regio pubica Pubic region    
Regiones dorsales; Regiones dorsi Regions of back    
Regio vertebralis Vertebral region    
Regio sacralis Sacral region    
(Foveola coccygea) (Coccygeal foveola)    
Regio scapularis Scaplar region    
Trigonum auscultationis Auscultatory triangle; Triangle of auscultation    
Regio infrascapularis Infrascapular region    
Regio lumbalis Lumbar region    
Trigonum lumbale Lumbar triangle Triangle of Petit  
(Trigonum lumbale inferius) (Inferior lumbar triangle)    
(Trigonum lumbale superius) (Superior lumbar triangle)    
Regio perinealis Perineal region    
Regio analis Anal triangle    
Regio urogenitalis Urogenital triangle    
Regiones membri superioris Regions of upper limb    
Regio deltoidea Deltoid region    
Regio brachialis Brachial region; Arm region    
Regio brachii anterior; Regio brachialis anterior Anterior region of arm    
Sulcus biciptalis lateralis; Sulcus bicipitalis radialis Lateral bicipital groove    
Sulcus bicipitalis medialis; Sulcus bicipitalis ulnaris Medial bicipital groove    
Regio brachii posterior; Regio brachialis posterior Posterior region of arm    
Regio cubitalis Cubital region    
Regio cubitalis anterior Anterior region of elbow    
Fossa cubitalis Cubital region fossa Antecubital fossa  
Regio cubitalis posterior Posterior region of elbow    
Regio antebrachialis Antebrachial region; Forearm region    
Regio antebrachii anterior; Regio antebrachialis anterior Anterior region of forearm    
Regio antebrachii posterior; Regio antebrachialis posteror Posterior region of forearm    
Margo radialis; Margo lateralis Radial border; Lateral border    
Margo ulnaris; Margo medialis Ulnar border; Medial border    
Pyxis anatomicus Anatomical snuffbox    
Regio manus Hand region    
Regio carpalis Carpal region    
Regio carpalis anterior Anterior region of wrist    
Regio carpalis posterior Posterior region of wrist    
Regio dorsalis manus Dorsum of hand    
Palma; vola; region Palmaris Palm; palmar region    
Thenar; eminentia thenaris Thenar eminence    
Hypothenar; eminentia hypothenaris Hypothenar eminence    
Region metacarpalis Metacarpal region    
Digiti manus Digits of hand; fingers including thumb    
Pollex; digitus primus (I) Thumb; First digit; Digit 1    
Index; digitus secundus (II) Index finger; Second digit; Digit 2    
Digitus medius; digitus tertius (III) Middle finger; Third digit; Digit 3    
Digitus anularis; digitus quartus (IV) Ring finger; Fourth digit; Digit 4    
Digitus minimus; digitus quintus (V) Little finger; Fifth digit; Digit 5    
Facies palmares digitorum Palmar surfaces of fingers; Palmar surfaces of digits    
Facies dorsales digitorum Dorsal surfaces of fingers; Dorsal surfaces of digits    
Regiones membri inferioris Regions of lower limb    
Regio glutealis Gluteal region    
Crena analis; crena ani; crena interglutealis Intergluteal cleft; natal cleft    
Sulcus glutealis Gluteal fold    
Regio coxae Hip region    
Regio femoris Femoral region    
Regio femoris anterior Anterior region of thigh; Anterior femoral region    
Trigonum femoris Femoral triangle Scarpa's triangle  
Regio femoris posterior Posterior region of thigh; Posterior femoral region    
Regio genus Knee region    
Regio genus anterior Anterior region of knee    
Regio genus posterior Posterior region of knee    
Fossa poplitea Popliteal fossa    
Regio cruris Leg region    
Regio cruris anterior Anterior region of leg    
Regio cruris posterior Posterior region of leg    
Regio surae Sural region Calf region  
Regio talocruralis anterior Anterior talocrural region; anterior ankle region    
Regio talocruralis posterior Posterior talocrural region; posterior ankle region    
Regio retromalleolaris lateralis Lateral retromalleolar region    
Regio retromalleolaris medialis Medial retromalleolar region    
Regio pedis Foot region    
Regio calcanea Heel region    
Dorsum pedis; Regio dorsalis pedis Dorsum of foot; Dorsal region of foot    
Planta; Regio plantaris Sole; Plantar region    
Margo lateralis pedis; Margo fibularis pedis Lateral border of foot; Fibular border of foot; Peroneal border of foot Peroneal border of foot  
Margo medialis pedis; Margo tibialis pedis Medial border of foot; Tibial border of foot    
Arcus pedis longitudinalis Longitudinal arch of foot    
Pars lateralis Lateral part    
Pars medialis Medial part    
Arcus pedis transversus proximalis Proximal transverse arch of foot    
Arcus pedis transversus distalis Distal transverse arch of foot    
Regio tarsalis Ankle region    
Regio metatarsalis Metatarsal region    
Digiti pedis Digits of foot; Toes    
Hallux; Digitus primus [I] Great toe [I]; First digit; Digit 1    
Digitus secundus [II] Second toe [II]; Second digit; Digit 2    
Digitus tertius [III] Third toe [III]; Third digit; Digit 3    
Digitus quartus [IV] Fourth toe [IV]; Fourth digit; Digit 4    
Digitus minimus; Digitus quintus [V] Little toe; Fifth toe [V]; Fifth digit; Digit 5    
Facies plantares digitorum Plantar surfaces of toes; Plantar surfaces of digits    
Facies dorsales digitorum Dorsal surfaces of toes; Dorsal surfaces of digits    
Systemic Anatomy
Nomina generalia General terms Most common alternative Other terms
Ossa; Systema skeletale Bones; skeletal system    
Pars ossea Bony part    
Substantia corticalus Cortical bone    
Substantia compacta Compact bone    
Substantia spongiosa; Substantia trabecularis Spongy bone; Trabecular bone    
Pars cartilaginea Cartilaginous part    
Pars membranacea Membranous part    
Periosteum Periosteum    
Perichondrium Perichondrium    
Skeleton axiale Axial skeleton    
Skeleton appendiculare Appendicular skeleton    
Os longum Long bone    
Os breve Short bone    
Os planum Flat bone    
Os irregulare Irregular bone    
Os pneumaticum Pneumatized bone    
Os sesamoideum Sesamoid bone    
Diaphysis Diaphysis    
Epiphysis Epiphysis    
Cartilago epiphysialis Epiphysial cartilage    
Lamina epiphysialis Epiphysial plate; Growth plate    
Linea epiphysialis Epiphysial line    
Metaphysis Metaphysis    
Apophysis Apophysis    
Tuber Tuber; Tuberosity    
Tuberculum Tubercle    
Tuberositas Tuberosity    
Eminentia Eminence    
Processus Process    
Condylus Condyle    
Epicondylus Epicondyle    
Crista Crest; Ridge    
Linea Line    
Incisura Notch    
Fossa Fossa    
Sulcus Groove    
Facies articularis Articular surface    
Cavitas medullaris Medullary cavity; Marrow cavity    
Endosteum Endosteum    
Medulla ossium flava Yellow bone marrow    
Medulla ossium rubra Red bone marrow    
Foramen nutricium Nutrient foramen    
Canalis nutricius; Canalis nutriens Nutrient canal    
Centrum ossificationis Ossification centre    
Primarium Primary    
Secundarium Secondary    
Norma facialis; Norma frontalis Facial aspect; Frontal aspect    
Norma superior; Norma verticalis Superior aspect; Vertical aspect    
Norma occipitalis Occipital aspect    
Norma lateralis Lateral aspect    
Norma inferior; Norma basalis Inferior aspect    
Neurocranium Neurocranium; Brain box    
Viscerocranium Viscerocranium; Facial skeleton    
Chondrocranium Chondrocranium    
Desmocranium Desmocranium    
Pericranium; Periosteum externum cranii Pericranium    
Cavitas cranii Cranial cavity    
Frons Forehead    
Occiput Occiput    
Nasion Nasion    
Bregma Bregma    
Lambda Lambda    
Inion Inion    
Pterion Pterion    
Asterion Asterion    
Gonion Gonion    
Fossa temporalis Temporal fossa    
Arcus zygomaticus Zygomatic arch    
Fossa infratemporalis Infratemporal fossa    
Fossa pterygopalatina Pterygopalatine fossa    
Fissura pterygomaxillaris Pterygomaxillary fissure    
Fronticuli cranii Frontanelles    
Fonticulus anterior Anterior fontanelle    
Fonticulus posterior Posterior fontanelle    
Fonticulus sphenoidalis; Fonticulus anterolateralis Sphenoidal fontanelle    
Fonticulus mastoideus; Fonticulus posterolateralis Mastoid fontanelle    
Calvaria Calvaria    
Vertex Vertex    
Lamina externa External table    
Dipole Dipole    
Canales diploici Diploic canals    
Lamina interna Internal table    
Sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris Groove for superior sagittal sinus    
Foveolae granulares Granular foveolae    
Impressiones gyrorum; Impressiones digitatae; Juga cerebralia Impressions of cerebral gyri    
Sulci venosi Venous grooves    
Sulci arteriosi Arterial grooves    
(Os suturale) (Sutural bone) Wormian bone  
Basis cranii Cranial base; Basicranium    
Basis cranii interna Internal surface of cranial base    
Fissura sphenopetrosa Petrosphenoidal fissure; Sphenopetrosal fissure    
Fossa cranii anterior Anterior cranial fossa    
Fossa cranii media Middle cranial fossa    
Fossa cranii posterior Posterior cranial fossa    
Clivus Clivus    
Sulcus sinus petrosi inferioris Groove for interior pertrosal sinus    
Basis cranii externa External surface of cranial base    
Foramen jugulare Jugular foramen    
Foramen lacerum Foramen lacerum    
Palatum osseum Bony palate    
Canalis palatinus major Greater palatine canal Pterygopalatine canal  
Foramen palatinum majus Greater palatine foramen    
Foramina palatine minora Lesser palatine foramina    
Fossa incisiva Incisive fossa    
Canales incisivi Incisive canals Canals of Stensen  
Foramina incisiva Incisive foramina    
(Torus palatinus) (Palatine torus)    
Canalis palatovaginalis Palatovaginal canal    
Canalis vomerovaginalis Vomerovaginal canal    
Canalis vomerorostralis Vomerorostral canal    
Orbita Orbit    
Cavitas orbitalis Orbital cavity    
Aditus orbitalis Orbital opening    
Margo orbitalis Orbital margin    
Margo supraorbitalis Supra-orbital margin; Supraorbital margin    
Margo infraorbitalis Infra-orbital margin; Infraorbital margin    
Margo lateralis Lateral margin    
Margo medialis Medial margin    
Paries superior Roof    
Paries inferior Floor    
Paries lateralis Lateral wall    
Paries medialis Medial wall    
Foramen ethmoidale anterius Anterior ethmoidal foramen    
Foramen ethmoidale posterius Posterior ethmoidal foramen    
Sulcus lacrimalis Lacrimal groove    
Fossa sacci lacrimalis Fossa for lacrimal sac    
Fissura orbitalis superior Superior orbital fissure    
Fissura orbitalis inferior Inferior orbital fissure    
Canalis nasolacrimalis Nasolacrimal canal    
Cavitas nasalis ossea Bony nasal cavity    
Septum nasi osseum Bony nasal septum    
Apertura piriformis Piriform aperture    
Meatus nasi superior Superior nasal meatus    
Meatus nasi medius Middle nasal meatus    
Meatus nasi inferior Inferior nasal meatus    
Ostium canalis nasolacrimalis Opening of nasolacrimal canal    
Meatus nasi communis Common nasal meatus    
Recessus sphenoethmoidalis Spheno-ethmoidal recess; Sphenoethmoidal recess    
Meatus nasopharyngeus Nasopharyngeal meatus    
Choana; Apertura nasalis posterior Choana; Posterior nasal aperture    
Foramen sphenopalatinum Sphenopalatine foramen    
Ossa cranii Bones of cranium; Bones of skull    
Os parietale Parietal bone    
Facies interna Internal surface    
Sulcus sinus sigmoidei Groove for sigmoid sinus    
Sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris Groove for superior sagittal sinus    
Sulcus arteriae meningeae mediae Groove for middle meningeal artery    
Sulci arteriosi Grooves for arteries    
Facies externa External surface    
Linea temporalis superior Superior temporal line    
Linea temporalis inferior Inferior temporal line    
Tuber parietale; Eminentia parietalis Parietal tuber; Parietal eminence    
Margo occipitalis Occipital border    
Margo squamosus Squamosal border    
Margo sagittalis Sagittal border    
Margo frontalis Frontal border    
Angulus frontalis Frontal angle    
Angulus occipitalis Occipital angle    
Angulus sphenoidalis Mastoid angle    
Foramen parietale Parietal foramen    
Os frontale Frontal bone    
Squama frontalis Squamous part    
Facies externa External surface    
Tuber frontale; Eminentia frontalis Frontal tuber; Frontal eminence    
Arcus superciliaris Superciliary arch    
Glabella Glabella    
(Sutura frontalis persistens; Sutura metopica) (Frontal suture; Metopic suture)    
Margo supraorbitalis Supra-orbital margin; Supraorbital margin    
Incisura supraorbitalis/foramen supraorbitale Supra-orbital notch/foramen; Supraorbital notch/foramen    
Incisura frontalis/foramen frontale Frontal notch/foramen    
Facies temporalis Temporal surface    
Margo parietalis Parietal margin    
Linea temporalis Temporal line    
Processus zygomaticus Zygomatic process    
Facies interna Internal surface    
Crista frontalis Frontal crest    
Sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris Groove for superior sagittal sinus    
Foramen caecum; Foramen cecum Foramen caecum; Foramen cecum    
Pars nasalis Nasal part    
Spina nasalis Nasal spine    
Margo nasalis Nasal margin    
Pars orbitalis Orbital part    
Facies orbitalis Orbital surface    
Lamina orbitalis Orbital plate    
(Spina trochlearis) (Trochlear spine)    
Fovea trochlearis Trochlear fovea    
Fossa glandulae lacrimalis Fossa for lacrimal gland; Lacrimal fossa    
Margo sphenoidalis Sphenoidal margin    
Incisura ethmoidalis Ethmoidal notch    
Sinus frontalis Frontal sinus    
Apertura sinus frontalis Opening of frontal sinus    
Septum sinuum frontalium Septum of frontal sinuses    
Os occipitale Occipital bone    
Foramen magnum Foramen magnum    
Basion Basion    
Opisthion Opisthion    
Pars basilaris Basilar part    
Clivus Clivus    
Tuberculum pharyngeum Pharyngeal tubercle    
Sulcus sinus petrosi inferioris Groove for inferior petrosal sinus    
Pars lateralis Lateral part    
Squama occipitalis Squamous part of occipital bone    
Margo mastoideus Mastoid border    
Margo lambdoideus Lambdoid border    
(Os interparietale) (Interparietal bone)    
Condylus occipitalis Occipital condyle    
Canalis condylaris Condylar canal    
Canalis nervi hypoglossi Hypoglossal canal    
Fossa condylaris Condylar fossa    
Tuberculum jugulare Jugular tubercle    
Incisura jugularis Jugular notch    
Processus jugularis Jugular process    
Processus intrajugularis Intrajugular process    
Protuberantia occipitalis externa External occipital protuberance    
(Crista occipitalis externa) (External occipital crest)    
Linea nuchalis suprema Highest nuchal line    
Linea nuchalis superior Superior nuchal line    
Linea nuchalis inferior Inferior nuchal line    
Planum occipitale Occipital plane    
Eminentia cruciformis Cruciform eminence    
Protuberantia occipitalis interna Internal occipital protuberance    
(Crista occipitalis interna) (Internal occipital crest)    
Sulcus sinus transverse Groove for transverse sinus    
Sulcus sinus sigmoidei Groove for sigmoid sinus    
Sulcus sinus occipitalis Groove for occipital sinus    
Sulcus sinus marginalis Groove for marginal sinus    
(Processus paramastoideus) (Paramastoid process)    
Fossa cerebralis Cerebral fossa    
Fossa cerebellaris Cerebellar fossa    
Os sphenoidale Sphenoid; Sphenoidal bone; Sphenoid bone    
Corpus Body    
Jugum sphenoidale Jugum sphenoidale; Sphenoidal yoke    
Limbus sphenoidalis Limbus of sphenoid    
Sulcus prechiasmaticus Prechiasmatic sulcus    
Sella turcica Sella turcica    
Tuberculum sellae Tuberculum sellae    
(Processus clinoideus medius) (Middle clinoid process)    
Fossa hypophysialis Hypophysial fossa; Hypophyseal fossa    
Dorsum sellae Dorsum sellae    
Processus clinoideus posterior Posterior clinoid process    
Sulcus caroticus Carotid sulcus    
Lingula sphenoidalis Sphenoidal lingual    
Crista sphenoidalis Sphenoidal crest    
Rostrum sphenoidale Sphenoidal rostrum    
Sinus sphenoidale Sphenoidal sinus    
Septum sinuum sphenoidalium Septum of sphenoidal sinuses    
Apertura sinus sphenoidalis Opening of sphenoidal sinus    
Concha sphenoidalis Sphenoidal concha    
Ala minor Lesser wing Process of Ingrassias  
Canalis opticus Optic canal Optic foramen  
Processus clinoideus anterior Anterior clinoid process    
Fissura orbitalis superior Superior orbital fissure    
Ala major Greater wing    
Facies cerebralis Cerebral surface    
Facies temporalis Temporal surface    
Facies infratemporalis Infratemporal surface    
Crista infratemporalis Infratemporal crest    
Facies maxillaris Maxillary surface    
Facies orbitalis Orbital surface    
Margo zygomaticus Zygomatic margin    
Margo frontalis Frontal margin    
Margo parietalis Parietal margin    
Margo squamosus Squamosal margin    
Foramen rotundum Foramen rotundum    
Foramen ovale Foramen ovale    
(Foramen venosum) (Sphenoidal emissary foramen)    
Foramen spinosum Foramen spinosum    
(Foramen petrosum) (Foramen petrosum)    
Spina ossis sphenoidalis Spine of sphenoid bone    
Sulcus tubae auditivae; Sulcus tubae auditoriae Sulcus of auditory tube    
Processus pterygoideus Pterygoid process    
Lamina lateralis Lateral plate    
Lamina medialis Medial plate    
Incisura pterygoidea Pterygoid notch    
Fossa pterygoidea Pterygoid fossa    
Fossa scaphoidea Scaphoid fossa    
Processus vaginalis Vaginal process    
Sulcus palatovaginalis Palatovaginal groove    
Sulcus vomerovaginalis Vomerovaginal groove    
Hamulus pterygoideus Pterygoid hamulus    
Sulcus hamuli pterygoidei Groove of pterygoid hamulus    
Canalis pterygoideus Pterygoid canal Vidian canal  
Processus pterygospinosus Pterygospinous process Process of Civinini  
Os temporale Temporal bone    
Pars petrosa Petrous part    
Margo occipitalis Occipital margin    
Processus mastoideus Mastoid process    
Incisura mastoidea Mastoid notch    
Sulcus sinus sigmoidei Groove for sigmoid sinus    
Sulcus arteriae occipitalis Occipital groove    
Foramen mastoideum Mastoid foramen    
Canalis nervi facialis Facial canal Fallopian canal  
Geniculum canalis nervi facialis; Genu canalis nervi facialis Geniculum of facial canal; Genu of facial canal    
Canaliculus chordae tympani Canaliculus for chorda tympani; Superior tympanic canaliculus    
Apex partis petrosae Apex of petrous part    
Canalis caroticus Carotid canal    
Apertura externa canalis carotici External opening of carotid canal    
Apertura interna canalis carotici Internal opening of carotid canal    
Canaliculi caroticotympanici Caroticotympanic canaliculi    
Canalis musculotubarius Musculotubal canal    
Semicanalis musculi tensoris tympani Canal for tensor tympani; Semicanal for tensor tympani    
Semicanalis tubae auditivae; Semicanalis tubae auditoriae Canal for auditory tube; Semicanal for auditory tube Canal for Eustachian tube  
Septum canalis musculotubarii Septum of musculotubal canal    
Facies anterior parties petrosae Anterior surface of petrous part    
Tegmen tympani Tegmen tympani    
Eminentia arcuata Arcuate eminence    
Hiatus canalis nervi petrosi majoris Hiatus for greater petrosal nerve    
Sulcus nervi petrosi majoris Groove for greater petrosal nerve    
Hiatus canalis nervi petrosi minoris Hiatus for lesser petrosal nerve    
Sulcus nervi petrosi minoris Groove for lesser petrosal nerve    
Impressio trigeminalis Trigeminal impression    
Margo superior parties petrosae Superior border of petrous part    
Sulcus sinus petrosi superioris Groove for superior petrosal sinus    
Crista petrosis Petrous ridge    
Facies posterior parties petrosae Posterior surface of petrous part    
Porus acusticus internus Internal acoustic opening    
Meatus acusticus internus Internal acoustic meatus    
Fossa subarcuata Subarcuate fossa    
Canaliculus vestibule Vestibular canaliculus    
Apertura canaliculi vestibule Opening of vestibular canaliculus    
Margo posterior parties petrosae Posterior border of petrous part    
Sulcus sinus petrosi inferioris Groove for inferior petrous part    
Incisura jugularis Jugular notch    
Facies inferior parties petrosae Inferior surface of petrous part    
Fossa jugularis Jugular fossa    
Canaliculus cochleae Cochlear canaliculus    
Apertura canaliculi cochleae Opening of cochlear canaliculus    
Canaliculus mastoideus Mastoid canaliculus    
Incisura jugularis Jugular notch    
Processus intrajugularis Intrajugular process    
Processus styloideus Styloid process    
Foramen stylomastoideum Stylomastoid foramen    
Canaliculus tympanicus inferior Tympanic canaliculus; Inferior tympanic canaliculus    
Fossula petrosa Petrosal fossula    
Cavitas tympani Tympanic cavity    
Pars tympanica Tympanic part    
Anulus tympanicus Tympanic part    
Porus acusticus externus External acoustic opening    
Meatus acusticus externus External acoustic meatus    
Spina tympanica major Greater tympanic spine    
Spina tympanica minor Lesser tympanic spine    
Sulcus tympanicus Tympanic sulcus    
Incisura tympanica Tympanic notch    
Vagina processus styloidei Sheath of styloid process    
Pars squamosa Squamous part    
Margo parietalis Parietal border    
Incisura parietalis Parietal notch    
Margo sphenoidalis Sphenoidal margin    
Facies temporalis Temporal surface    
Sulcus arteriae temporalis mediae Groove for middle temporal artery    
Processus zygomaticus Zygomatic process    
Crista supramastoidea Supramastoid crest    
Foveola suprameaticus; Foveola Suprameatalis Suprameatal triangle    
(Spina suprameatica; Spina suprameatalis) (Suprameatal spine)    
Fossa mandibularis Mandibular fossa    
Facies articularis Articular surface    
Tuberculum articulare Articular tubercle    
Fissura petrotympanica Petrotympanic fissure Glaserian fissure  
Fissura petrosquamosa Petrosquamous fissure    
Fissura tympanosquamosa Tympanosquamous fissure    
Fissura tympanomastoidea Tympanomastoid fissure    
Facies cerebralis Cerebral surface    
Os ethmoidale Ethmoid; Ethmoidal bone    
Lamina cribrosa Cribriform plate    
Foramina cribrosa Cribriform foramina    
Crista galli Crista galli    
Ala cristae galli Ala of crista galli    
Lamina perpendicularis Perpendicular plate    
Labyrinthus ethmoidalis Ethmoidal labyrinth    
Cellulae ethmoidales anteriores Anterior ethmoidal cells    
Cellulae ethmoidales mediae Middle ethmoidal cells    
Cellulae ethmoidales posteriores Posterior ethmoidal cells    
Lamina orbitalis Orbital plate    
Concha nasalis suprema; (Concha nasalis suprema) Supreme nasal concha; (Supreme nasal concha)    
Concha nasalis superior Superior nasal concha Superior nasal turbinate  
Concha nasalis media Middle nasal concha Middle nasal turbinate  
Bulla ethmoidalis Ethmoidal bulla    
Processus uncinatus Uncinate process    
Infundibulum ethmoidale Ethmoidal infundibulum    
Hiatus semilunaris Hiatus semilunaris; Semilunar hiatus    
Concha nasalis inferior Inferior nasal concha Inferior nasal turbinate  
Processus lacrimalis Lacrimal process    
Processus maxillaris Maxillary process    
Processus ethmoidalis Ethmoidal process    
Os lacrimale Lacrimal bone    
Crista lacrimalis posterior Posterior lacrimal crest    
Sulcus lacrimalis Lacrimal groove    
Hamulus lacrimalis Lacrimal hamulus    
Os nasale Nasal bone    
Sulcus ethmoidalis Ethmoidal groove    
Foramina nasalia Nasal foramina    
Vomer Vomer    
Ala vomeris Ala of vomer    
Sulcus vomeris Vomerine groove    
Crista choanalis vomeris Vomerine crest of choana    
Pars cuneiformis vomeris Cuneiform part of vomer    
Maxilla Maxilla    
Corpus maxillae Body of maxilla    
Facies orbitalis Orbital surface    
Canalis infraorbitalis Infra-orbital canal; Infraorbital canal    
Sulcus infraorbitalis Infra-orbital groove; Infraorbital groove    
Margo infraorbitalis Infra-orbital margin; Infraorbital margin    
Facies anterior Anterior surface    
Foramen infraorbitale Infra-orbital foramen; Infraorbital foramen    
Fossa canina Canine fossa    
Incisura nasalis Nasal notch    
Spina nasalis anterior Anterior nasal spine    
Sutura zygomaticomaxillaris; Sutura infraorbitalis Zygomaticomaxillary suture    
Facies infratemporalis Infratemporal surface    
Foramina alveolaria Alveolar foramina    
Canales alveolares Alveolar canals    
Tuber maxillae; Eminentia maxillae Maxillary tuberosity    
Facies nasalis Nasal surface    
Sulcus lacrimalis Lacrimal groove    
Crista conchalis Conchal crest    
Margo lacrimalis Lacrimal margin    
Hiatus maxillaris Maxillary hiatus    
Sulcus palatinus major Greater palatine groove    
Sinus maxillaris Maxillary sinus Maxillary antrum of Highmore  
Processus frontalis Frontal process    
Crista lacrimalis anterior Anterior lacrimal crest    
Incisura lacrimalis Lacrimal notch    
Crista ethmoidalis Ethmoidal crest    
Processus zygomaticus Zygomatic process    
Processus palatinus Palatine process    
Crista nasalis Nasal crest    
(Os incisivum; Premaxilla) (Incisive bone; Premaxilla)    
Canales incisivi Incisive canals Canals of Stensen  
(Sutura incisiva) (Incisive suture)    
Spinae palatinae Palatine spines    
Sulci palatine Palatine grooves    
Processus alveolaris Alveolar process    
Arcus alveolaris Alveolar arch    
Alveoli dentales Dental alveoli    
Septa interalveolaria Interalveolar septa    
Septa interradicularia Interradicular septa    
Juga alveolaria Alveolar yokes    
Foramina incisiva Incisive foramina    
Os palatinum Palatine bone    
Lamina perpendicularis Perpendicular plate    
Facies nasalis Nasal surface    
Facies maxillaris Maxillary surface    
Incisura sphenopalatina Sphenopalatine notch    
Sulcus palatinus major Greater palatine groove    
Processus pyramidalis Pyramidal process    
Canales palatine minores Lesser palatine canals    
Crista conchalis Conchal crest    
Crista ethmoidalis Ethmoidal crest    
Processus orbitalis Orbital process    
Processus sphenoidalis Sphenoidal process    
Lamina horizontalis Horizontal plate    
Facies nasalis Nasal surface    
Facies palatina Palatine surface    
Foramina palatine minora Lesser palatine foramina    
Spina nasalis posterior Posterior nasal spine    
Crista nasalis Nasal crest    
Crista palatina Palatine crest    
Os zygomaticum Zygomatic bone Malar bone  
Facies lateralis Lateral surface    
Facies temporalis Temporal surface    
Facies orbitalis Orbital surface    
Processus temporalis Temporal process    
Processus frontalis Frontal process    
Tuberculum orbitale Orbital tubercle    
(Tuberculum marginale) (Marginal tubercle)    
Foramen zygomaticoorbitale Zygomatico-orbital foramen; Zygomaticoorbital foramen    
Foramen zygomaticofaciale Zygomaticofacial foramen    
Foramen zygomaticotemporale Zygomaticotemporal foramen    
Mandibula Mandible    
Corpus mandibulae Body of mandible    
Basis mandibulae Base of mandible    
(Symphysis mandibulae); Symphysis menti (Mandibular symphysis); Mental symphysis    
Protuberantia mentalis Mental protuberance    
Tuberculum mentale Mental tubercle    
Foramen mentale Mental foramen    
Linea obliqua Oblique line    
Fossa digastrica Digastric fossa    
Spina mentalis superior; Spina geni superior Superior mental spine; Superior genial spine    
Spina mentalis inferior; Spina geni inferior Inferior mental spine; Inferior genial spine    
Linea mylohyoidea Mylohyoid line    
(Torus mandibularis) (Mandibular torus)    
Fovea sublingualis Sublingual fossa    
Fovea submandibularis Submandibular fossa    
Pars alveolaris Alveolar part    
Arcus alveolaris Alveolar arch    
Alveoli dentales Dental alveoli    
Septa interalveolaria Interalveolar septa    
Septa interradicularia Interradicular septa    
Juga alveolaria Alveolar yokes    
Trigonum retromolare Retromolar triangle    
Fossa retromolaris Retromolar fossa    
Ramus mandibulae Ramus of mandible    
Angulus mandibulae Angle of mandible    
(Tuberositas masseterica) (Masseteric tuberosity)    
(Tuberositas pterygoidea) (Pterygoid tuberosity)    
Foramen mandibulae Mandibular foramen    
Lingula mandibulae Lingula    
Canalis mandibulae Mandibular canal    
Sulcus mylohyoideus Mylohyoid groove    
Processus coronoideus Coronoid process    
Crista temporalis Temporal crest    
Incisura mandibulae Mandibular notch    
Processus condylaris Condylar process; Condyle    
Caput mandibulae; Condylus mandibulae Head of mandible    
Collum mandibulae Neck of mandible    
Fovea pterygoidea Pterygoid fovea    
Os hyoideum Hyoid bone    
Corpus ossis hyoidei Body of hyoid bone    
Cornu minus Lesser horn    
Cornu majus Greater horn    
Ossicula auditus; Ossicula auditoria Auditory ossicles    
Columna vertebralis Vertebral column    
Curvatura primaria Primary curvature    
Kyphosis thoracica Thoracic kyphosis    
Kyphosis sacralis Sacral kyphosis    
Curvaturae secundariae Secondary curvatures    
Lordosis cervicis; Lordosis colli Cervical lordosis    
Lordosis lumbalis Lumbar lordosis    
Scoliosis Scoliosis    
Canalis vertebralis Vertebral canal    
Vertebra Vertebra    
Corpus vertebrae Vertebral body    
Facies intervertebralis Intervertebral surface    
Epiphysis anularis Anular epiphysis    
Arcus vertebrae Vertebral arch    
Pediculus arcus vertebrae Pedicle    
Lamina arcus vertebrae Lamina    
Foramen intervertebrale Intervertebral foramen    
Incisura vertebralis superior Superior vertebral notch    
Incisura vertebralis inferior Inferior vertebral notch    
Foramen vertebrale Vertebral foramen    
Canalis vertebrale Vertebral canal    
Processus spinosus Spinous process    
Processus transversus Transverse process    
Processus articularis superior; Zygapophysis superior Superior articular process    
Facies articularis superior Superior articular facet    
Processus articularis inferior; Zygapophysis inferior Inferior articular process    
Facies articularis inferior Inferior articular facet    
Vertebrae cervicales [C I – C VII] Cervical vertebrae [C I – C VII]; [C1-7]    
Uncus corporis; Processus uncinatus Uncus of body; Uncinate process    
Foramen transversarium Foramen transversarium; Transverse foramen    
Tuberculum anterius Anterior tubercle    
Tuberculum caroticum Carotid tubercle    
Tuberculum posterius Posterior tubercle    
Sulcus nervi spinalis Groove for spinal nerve    
Atlas [C I] Atlas [C I]; [C1]    
Massa lateralis atlantis Lateral mass    
Facies articularis superior Superior articular surface    
Facies articularis inferior Inferior articular surface    
Arcus anterior atlantis Anterior arch    
Fovea dentis Facet for dens    
Tuberculum anterius Anterior tubercle    
Arcus posterior atlantis Posterior arch    
Sulcus arteriae vertebralis Groove for vertebral artery    
(Canalis arteriae vertebralis) (Canal for vertebral artery)    
Tuberculum posterius Posterior tubercle    
Axis [C II] Axis [C II]; [C2]    
Dens axis Dens Odontoid process  
Apex dentis Apex    
Facies articularis anterior Anterior articular facet    
Facies articularis posterior Posterior articular facet    
Vertebra prominens [C VII] Vertebra prominens [C VII]; [C7]    
Vertebrae thoracicae [T I – T XII] Thoracic vertebrae [T I – T XII]; [T1-12]    
Fovea costalis superior Superior costal facet    
Fovea costalis inferior Inferior costal facet    
Fovea costalis processus transverse; transversus Transverse costal facet    
Uncus corporis vertebrae thoracicae primae; Processus uncinatus vertebrae thoracicae primae Uncus of body of first thoracic vertebra; Uncinate process of first thoracic vertebra    
Vertebrae lumbales [L I – L V] Lumbar vertebrae [L I – L V]; [L1-5]    
Processus accessorius Accessory process    
Processus costiformis; Processus costalis Costal process    
Processus mammillaris Mammillary process    
Os sacrum [vertebrae sacrales I – V] Sacrum [sacral vertebrae I – V]; [S1-5]    
Basis ossis sacri Base    
Promontorium Promontory    
Ala ossis sacri Ala; Wing    
Processus articularis superior Superior articular process    
Pars lateralis Lateral part    
Facies auricularis Auricular surface    
Tuberositas ossis sacri Sacral tuberosity    
Facies pelvica Pelvic surface    
Lineae transversae Transverse ridges    
Foramina intervertebralia Intervertebral foramina    
Foramina sacralia anteriora Anterior sacral foramina    
Facies dorsalis Dorsal surface    
Crista sacralis mediana Median sacral crest    
Foramina sacralis posteriora` Posterior sacral foramina    
Crista sacralis medialis Intermediate sacral crest    
Crista sacralis lateralis Lateral sacral crest    
Cornu sacrale Sacral cornu; Sacral horn    
Canalis sacralis Sacral canal    
Hiatus sacralis Sacral hiatus    
Apex ossis sacri; Apex ossis sacralis Apex    
Os coccygis; Coccyx [vertebrae coccygeae I-IV] Coccyx [coccygeal vertebrae I-IV]; [Co1-4]    
Cornu coccygeum Coccygeal cornu    
Skeleton thoracis Thoracic skeleton    
Costae [I-XII] Ribs [I-XII]; [1-12]    
Costae verae [I-VII] True ribs [I-VII]; [1-7]    
Costae spuriae [VIII-XII] False ribs [VIII-XII]; [8-12]    
Costae fluctuantes [XI-XII] Floating ribs [XI-XII]; [11-12]    
Cartilago costalis Costal cartilage    
Costa Rib    
Caput costae Head    
Facies articularis capitis costae Articular facet    
Crista capitis costae Crest    
Collum costae Neck    
Crista colli costae Crest    
Corpus costae Body; Shaft    
Tuberculum costae Tubercle    
Facies articularis tuberculi costae Articular facet    
Angulus costae Angle    
Sulcus costae Costal groove    
Crista costae Crest    
(Costa cervicalis; Costa colli) (Cervical rib)    
Costa prima [I] First rib [I] 1    
Tuberculum musculi scaleni anterioris Scalene tubercle    
Sulcus arteriae subclaviae Groove for subclavian artery    
Sulcus venae subclaviae Groove for subclavian vein    
Costa secunda [II] Second rib [II] 2    
Tuberositas musculi serrati anterioris Tuberosity for serratus anterior    
(Costa lumbalis) (Lumbar rib)    
Sternum Sternum    
Manubrium sterni Manubrium of sternum    
Incisura clavicularis Clavicular notch    
Incisura jugularis Jugular notch; Suprasternal notch    
Angulus sterni Sternal angle Angle of Louis  
Corpus sterni Body of sternum    
Processus xiphoideus Xiphoid process    
Incisurae costales Costal notches    
(Ossa suprasternalia) (Suprasternal bones)    
Vertebrae thoracicae [T I – T XII] Thoracic vertebrae [T I – T XII] [T1-12]    
Cavea thoracis Thoracic cage    
Cavitas thoracis Thoracic cavity    
Apertura thoracis superior Superior thoracic aperture; Thoracic inlet    
Apertura thoracis inferior Inferior thoracic aperture; Thoracic outlet    
Sulcus pulmonalis Pulmonary groove    
Arcus costalis Costal margin; Costal arch    
Spatium intercostale Intercostal space    
Angulus infrasternalis Infrasternal angle; Subcostal angle    
Ossa membri superioris Bones of upper limb    
Cingulum pectorale; Cingulum membri superioris Pectoral girdle; Shoulder girdle    
Scapula Scapula    
Facies costalis; Facies anterior Costal surface    
Fossa subscapularis Subscapular fossa    
Facies posterior Posterior surface    
Spina scapulae Spine of scapula    
Tuberculum deltoideum Deltoid tubercle (WHERE?)    
Fossa supraspinata Supraspinous fossa    
Fossa infraspinata Infraspinous fossa    
Acromion Acromion    
Facies articularis clavicularis Clavicular facet    
Angulus acromii Acromial angle    
Margo medialis Medial border    
Margo lateralis Lateral border    
Margo superior Superior border    
Incisura scapulae Suprascapular notch; Scapular notch Suprascapular notch  
Angulus inferior Inferior angle    
Angulus lateralis Lateral angle    
Angulus superior Superior angle Medial angle  
Cavitas glenoidalis; Fossa glenoidalis Glenoid cavity; Glenoid fossa    
Tuberculum supraglenoidale Supraglenoid tubercle    
Tuberculum infraglenoidale Infraglenoid tubercle    
Collum scapulae Neck of scapula    
Processus coracoideus Coracoid process    
Clavicula Clavicle    
Externitas sternalis Sternal end    
Facies articularis sternalis Sternal facet (articular surface)    
Impressio ligamenti costoclavicularis Impression for costoclavicular ligament    
Corpus claviculae Shaft of clavicle; Body of clavicle    
Sulcus musculi subclavii Subclavian groove; Groove for subclavius    
Externitas acromialis Acromial end    
Facies articularis acromialis Acromial facet    
Tuberositas ligamenti coracoclavicularis Tuberosity for coracoclavicular ligament    
Tuberculum conoideum Conoid tubercle    
Linea trapezoidea Trapezoid line    
Humerus Humerus    
Caput humeri Head    
Collum anatomicum Anatomical neck    
Collum chirurgicum Surgical neck    
Tuberculum majus Greater tubercle Greater tuberosity  
Tuberculum minus Lesser tubercle Lesser tuberosity Tubercle of Weber
Sulcus intertubercularis Intertubercular sulcus; Bicipital groove Bicipital groove  
Crista tuberculi majoris; Labium laterale Crest of greater tubercle; Lateral lip    
Crista tuberculi minoris; Labium mediale Crest of lesser tubercle; Medial lip    
Corpus humeri Shaft of humerus; Body of humerus    
Facies anteromedialis Anteromedial surface    
Facies anterolateralis Anterolateral surface    
Facies posterior Posterior surface    
Sulcus nervi radialis Radial groove; Groove for radial nerve Spiral groove  
Margo medialis Medial border    
Crista supraepicondylaris medialis; Crista supracondylaris medialis Medial supraepicondylar ridge; Medial supracondylar ridge    
(Processus supracondylaris) (Supracondylar process)    
Margo lateralis Lateral margin    
Crista supraepicondylaris lateralis; Crista supracondylaris lateralis Medial Lateral supraepicondylar ridge; Medial Lateral supracondylar ridge    
Tuberositas deltoidea Deltoid tuberosity    
Condylus humeri Condyle of humerus    
Capitulum humeri Capitulum    
Trochlea humeri Trochlea    
Fossa olecrani Olecranon fossa    
Fossa coronoidea Coronoid fossa    
Fossa radialis Radial fossa    
Epicondylus medialis Medial epicondyle    
Sulcus nervi ulnaris Groove for ulnar nerve    
Epicondylus lateralis Lateral epicondyle    
Radius Radius    
Caput radii Head    
Fovea articularis Articular facet    
Circumferentia articularis Articular circumference    
Collum radii Neck    
Corpus radii Shaft; Body    
Tuberositas radii Radial tuberosity Bicipital tuberosity  
Facies anterior Anterior surface    
Facies posterior Posterior surface    
Facies lateralis Lateral surface    
Tuberositas pronatoria Pronator tuberosity    
Margo interosseus Interosseous border    
Margo anterior Anterior border    
Margo posterior Posterior border    
Processus styloideus radii Radial styloid process    
Crista suprastyloidea Suprastyloid crest    
Tuberculum dorsale radii Dorsal tubercle; Dorsal radial tubercle Lister's tubercle  
Sulci tendinum musculorum extensorum Groove for extensor muscle tendons    
Incisura ulnaris Ulnar notch    
Facies articularis carpalis Carpal articular surface    
Ulna Ulna    
Olecranon Olecranon    
Processus coronoideus Coronoid process    
Tuberositas ulnae Tuberosity of ulna    
Incisura radialis Radial notch    
Incisura trochlearis Trochlear notch Semilunar notch  
Corpus ulnae Shaft; Body    
Facies anterior Anterior surface    
Facies posterior Posterior surface    
Facies medialis Medial surface    
Margo interocceus Interosseous border    
Margo anterior Anterior border    
Margo posterior Posterior border    
Crista musculi supinatoris Supinator crest    
Caput ulnae Head    
Circumferentia articularis Articular circumference    
Processus styloideus ulnae Ulnar styloid process    
Ossa manus Bones of hand    
Ossa carpi; Ossa carpalia Carpal bones    
(Os centrale) (Os centrale)    
Os scaphoideum Scaphoid Navicular bone  
Tuberculum ossis scaphoidei Tubercle of scaphoid    
Os lunatum Lunate Semilunar bone  
Os triquetrum Triquetrum    
Os pisiforme Pisiform    
Os trapezium Trapezium Greater multangular bone  
Tuberculum ossis trapezii Tubercle of trapezium    
Os trapezoideum Trapezoid Lesser multangular bone  
Os capitatum Capitate    
Os hamatum Hamate    
Hamulus ossis hamati Hook of hamate    
Sulcus carpi Carpal groove    
Ossa metacarpi; Ossa metacarpalia [I-V] Metacarpals [I-V]; [1-5]    
Basis ossis metacarpi Base    
Corpus ossis metacarpi Shaft; Body    
Caput ossis metacarpi Head    
Processus styloideus ossis metacarpi tertii [III] Styloid process of third metacarpal [III]; [3]    
Ossa digitorum; Phalanges Phalanges    
Phalanx proximalis Proximal phalanx    
Phalanx media Middle phalanx    
Phalanx distalis Distal phalanx    
Tuberositas phalangis distalis Tuberosity of distal phalanx    
Basis phalangis Base of phalanx    
Corpus phalangis Shaft of phalanx; Body of phalanx    
Caput phalangis Head of phalanx    
Trochlea phalangis Trochlea of phalanx    
Ossa sesamoidea Sesamoid bones    
Os sacrum [vertebrae sacrales I-V] Sacrum [sacral vertebrae I-V]; [S1-5]    
Os coxae Hip bone; Coxal bone; Pelvic bone Innominate bone  
Acetabulum Acetabulum    
Limbus acetabuli; Margo acetabuli Acetabular margin    
Fossa acetabuli Acetabular fossa    
Incisura acetabuli Acetabular notch    
Facies lunata Lunate surface    
Ramus ischiopubicus Ischiopubic ramus    
Foramen obturatum Obturator foramen    
Incisura ischiadica major Greater sciatic notch Greater ischiatic notch  
Os ilium; Ilium Ilium    
Corpus ossis ilii Body of ilium    
Sulcus supraacetabularis Supra-acetabular groove; Supraacetabular groove    
Ala ossis ilii Ala of ilium; Wing of ilium    
Linea arcuata Arcuate line    
Crista iliaca Iliac crest    
Labium externum Outer lip    
Tuberculum iliacum Tuberculum of iliac crest; Iliac tubercle    
Linea intermedia Intermediate zone    
Labium internum Inner lip    
Spina iliaca anterior superior Anterior superior iliac spine    
Spina iliaca anterior inferior Anterior inferior iliac spine    
Spina iliaca posterior superior Posterior superior iliac spine    
Spina iliaca posterior inferior Posterior inferior iliac spine    
Fossa iliaca (no indent) Iliac fossa    
Facies glutea Gluteal surface    
Linea glutea anterior Anterior gluteal line    
Linea glutea posterior Posterior gluteal line    
Linea glutea inferior Inferior gluteal line    
Facies sacropelvica Sacropelvic surface    
Facies auricularis Auricular surface    
Tuberositas iliaca Iliac tuberosity    
Os ischii; Ischium Ischium    
Corpus ossis ischii Body of ischium    
Ramus ossis ischii Ramus; Ischial ramus    
Tuber ischiadicum Ischial tuberosity    
Spina ischiadica Ischial spine    
Incisura ischiadica minor Lesser sciatic notch Lesser ischiatic notch  
Os pubis; Pubis Pubis    
Corpus ossis pubis Body of pubis    
Tuberculum pubicum Pubic tubercle    
Facies symphysialis Symphysial surface    
Crista pubica Pubic crest    
Ramus superior ossis pubis Superior pubic ramus    
Eminentia iliopubica Iliopubic ramus eminence    
Pecten ossis pubis Pecten pubis; Pectineal line    
Crista obturatoria Obturator crest    
Sulcus obturatorius Obturator groove    
Tuberculum obturatorium anterius Anterior obturator tubercle    
(Tuberculum obturatorium posterius) (Posterior obturator tubercle)    
Ramus inferior ossis pubis Inferior pubic ramus    
Pelvis Pelvis    
Cavitas pelvis Pelvic cavity    
Arcus pubicus Pubic arch    
Angulus subpubicus Subpubic angle    
Pelvis major Greater pelvis; False pelvis    
Pelvis minor Lesser pelvis; True pelvis    
Linea terminalis Linea terminalis; Terminal line    
Linea arcuatis Arcuate line    
Linea pectineus Pectineal line    
Linea iliopectineus Iliopectineal line    
Apertura pelvis superior Pelvic inlet    
Apertura pelvis inferior Pelvic outlet    
Axis pelvis Axis of pelvis    
Diameter transversa Transverse diameter    
Diameter obliqua Oblique diameter    
Conjugata anatomica Anatomical conjugate    
Conjugata vera True conjugate    
Conjugata diagonalis Diagonal conjugate    
Conjugata recta Straight conjugate    
Conjugata mediana Median conjugate    
Conjugata externa External conjugate    
Distantia interspinosa Interspinous distance; Interspinous diameter    
Distantia intercristalis Intercristal distance; Intercristal diameter    
Distantia intertrochanterica Intertrochanteric distance; Intertrochanteric diameter    
Inclinatio pelvis Pelvic inclination    
Femur; Os femoris Femur; Thigh bone    
Caput femoris Head of femur    
Fovea capitis femoris Fovea for ligament of head    
Collum femoris Neck of femur    
Trochanter major Greater trochanter    
Fossa trochanterica Trochanteric fossa    
Trochanter minor Lesser trochanter    
(Trochanter tertius) (Third trochanter)    
Linea intertrochanterica Intertrochanteric line    
Crista intertrochanterica Intertrochanteric crest    
Tuberculum quadratum Quadrate tubercle    
Corpus femoris Shaft of femur; Body of femur    
Linea aspera Linea aspera    
Labium laterale Lateral lip    
Labium mediale Medial lip    
Linea pectinea Pectineal line; Spiral line Spiral line  
Tuberositas glutea Gluteal tuberosity    
Facies poplitea Popliteal surface    
Linea supracondylaris madialis Medial supracondylar line    
Linea supracondylaris lateralis Lateral supracondylar line    
Condylus medialis Medial condyle    
Epicondylus medialis Medial epicondyle    
Tuberculum adductorium Adductor tubercle    
Condylus lateralis Lateral condyle    
Epicondylus lateralis Lateral epicondyle    
Sulcus popliteus Groove for popliteus    
Facies patellaris Patellar surface    
Fossa intercondylaris Intercondylar fossa    
Linea intercondylaris Intercondylar line    
Patella Patella    
Basis patellae Base of patella    
Apex patellae Apex of patella    
Facies articularis Articular surface    
Facies anterior Anterior surface    
Tibia Tibia    
Facies articularis superior Superior articular surface    
Condylus medialis Medial condyle    
Condylus lateralis Lateral condyle    
Facies articularis fibularis Fibular articular facet    
Area intercondylaris anterior Anterior intercondylar area    
Area intercondylaris posterior Posterior intercondylar area    
Eminentia intercondylaris Intercondylar eminence    
Tuberculum intercondylare mediale Medial intercondylar tubercle    
Tuberculum intercondylare laterale Lateral intercondylar tubercle    
Corpus tibiae Shaft of tibia; Body    
Tuberositas tibiae Tibial tuberosity    
Facies medialis Medial surface    
Facies posterior Posterior surface    
Linea musculi solei Soleal line    
Facies lateralis Lateral surface    
Margo anterior Anterior border    
Margo medialis Medial border    
Margo interosseus Interosseous border    
Malleolus medialis Medial malleolus    
Sulcus malleolaris Malleolar groove    
Facies articularis malleoli medialis Articular facet    
Incisura fibularis Fibular notch    
Facies articularis inferior Inferior articular surface    
Fibula Fibula    
Caput fibulae Head of fibula    
Facies articularis capitis fibulae Articular facet    
Apex capitis fibulae Apex of head of fibula    
Collum fibulae Neck of fibula    
Corpus fibulae Shaft of fibula; Body of fibula    
Facies lateralis Lateral surface    
Facies medialis Medial surface    
Facies posterior Posterior surface    
Crista medialis Medial crest    
Margo anterior Anterior border    
Margo interosseus Interosseous border    
Margo posterior Posterior border    
Malleolus lateralis Lateral malleolus    
Facies articularis malleoli lateralis Articular facet    
Fossa malleoli lateralis Malleolar fossa    
Sulcus malleolaris Malleolar groove    
Ossa pedis Bones of foot    
Ossa tarsi; Ossa tarsalia Tarsal bones    
Talus Talus Astragalus  
Caput tali Head of talus    
Facies articularis navicularis Navicular articular surface Scaphoid bone  
Facies articularis ligamenti calcaneonavicularis plantaris Facet for plantar calcaneonavicular ligament    
Facies articularis parties calcaneonavicularis ligamenti bifurcati Facet for calcaneonavicular part of bifurcate ligament    
Facies articularis calcanea anterior Anterior facet for calcaneus    
Collum tali Neck of talus    
Facies articularis calcanea media Middle facet for calcaneus    
Sulcus tali Sulcus tali    
Corpus tali Body of talus    
Trochlea tali Trochlea of talus    
Facies superior Superior facet    
Facies malleolaris lateralis Lateral malleolar facet    
Processus lateralis tali Lateral process    
Facies malleolaris medialis Medial malleolar facet    
Processus posterior tali Posterior process    
Sulcus tendinis musculi flexoris hallucis longi Groove for tendon of flexor hallucis longus    
Tuberculum laterale Lateral tubercle    
Tuberculum mediale Medial tubercle    
Facies articularis calcanea posterior Posterior calcaneal articular facet    
(Os trigonum) (Os trigonum)    
Calcaneus Calcaneus    
Tuber calcanei Calcaneal tuberosity    
Processus medialis tuberis calcanei Medial process    
Processus lateralis tuberis calcanei Lateral process    
Tuberculum calcanei Calcaneal tubercle    
Sustentaculum tali Sustentaculum tali; Talar shelf    
Sulcus tendinis musculi flexoris hallucis longi Groove for tendon of flexor hallucis longus    
Sulcus calcanei Calcaneal sulcus    
Sinus tarsi Tarsal sinus    
Facies articularis talaris anterior Anterior talar articular surface    
Facies articularis talaris media Middle talar articular surface    
Facies articularis talaris posterior Posterior talar articular surface    
Sulcus tendinis musculi fibularis longi; Sulcus tendinis musculi peronel longi Groove for tendon of fibularis longus; Goove for tendon of peroneus longus Goove for tendon of peroneus longus  
Trochlea fibularis; Trochlea peronealis Fibular trochlea; Peroneal trochlea; Peroneal tubercle Peroneal trochlea; Peroneal tubercle  
Facies articularis cuboidea Articular surface for cuboid    
Os naviculare Navicular    
Tuberositas ossis navicularis Tuberosity of navicular    
Os cuneiforme mediale Medial cuneiform First cuneiform  
Os cuneiforme intermedium Intermediate cuneiform; Middle cuneiform Second cuneiform  
Os cuneiforme laterale Lateral cuneiform Third cuneiform  
Os cuboideum Cuboid    
Sulcus tendinis musculi fibularis longi; Sulcus tendinis musculi peronei longi Groove for tendon of fibularis longus; Groove for tendon of peroneus longus Groove for tendon of peroneus longus  
Tuberositas ossis cuboidei Tuberosity of cuboid    
Processus calcaneus Calcaneal process    
Ossa metatarsi; Ossa metatarsalia [I-V] Metatarsals [I-V]; [1-5]    
Basis ossis metatarsi Base    
Corpus ossis metatarsi Shaft; Body    
Caput ossis metatarsi Head    
Tuberositas ossis metatarsi primi [I] Tuberosity of first metatarsal bone [I]; [1]    
Tuberositas ossis metatarsi quinti [V] Tuberosity of fifth metatarsal bone; [5]    
Ossa digitorum; Phalanges Phalanges    
Phalanx proximalis Proximal phalanx    
Phalanx media Middle phalanx    
Phalanx distalis Distal phalanx    
Tuberositas phalangis distalis Tuberosity of distal phalanx    
Basis phalangis Base of phalanx    
Corpus phalangis Shaft of phalanx; Body of phalanx    
Caput phalangis Head of phalanx    
Trochlea phalangis Trochlea of phalanx    
Ossa sesamoidea Sesamoid bones    
Juncturae; Systema articulare Joints; Articular system    
Junctura Joint    
Juncturae ossium Bony joints    
Synarthrosis Synarthrosis    
Junctura fibrosa Fibrous joint    
Syndesmosis Syndesmosis    
Gomphosis Gomphosis; Socket    
Membrana interossea Interosseous membrane    
Sutura Suture    
Sutura plana Plane suture    
Sutura squamosa Squamous suture    
Sutura limbosa Limbous suture    
Sutura serrata Serrate suture    
Sutura denticulata Denticulate suture    
Schindylesis Schindylesis    
Junctura cartilaginea Cartilaginous joint    
Synchondrosis Synchondrosis    
Symphysis Symphysis; Secondary cartilaginous joint    
Cartilago epiphysialis Epiphysial cartilage; Primary cartilaginous joint    
Junctura ossea; Synostosis Bony union; Synostosis    
Junctura synovialis; Articulatio; Diarthrosis Synovial joint; Diarthrosis    
Facies articularis Articular surface    
Cavitas articularis Articular cavity    
Fossa articularis Articular fossa    
(Caput articulare) (Articular head)    
Labrum articulare Labrum    
Capsula articularis Joint capsule; Articular capsule    
Membrana fibrosa; Stratum fibrosum Fibrous layer; Fibrous membrane    
Membrana synovialis; Stratum synoviale Synovial membrane; Synovial layer    
Plicae synoviales Synovial folds    
Villi synoviales Synovial villi    
Synovia Synovial fluid    
Discus articularis Articular disc    
Meniscus articularis Meniscus    
Ligamenta Ligaments    
Ligamenta intracapsularia Intracapsular ligaments    
Ligamenta capsularia Capsular ligaments    
Ligamenta extracapsularia Extracapsular ligaments    
Recessus articularis Articular recess    
Bursa synovialis Synovial bursa    
Vagina synovialis Synovial sheath    
Articulatio simplex Simple joint    
Articulatio composita Complex joint    
Articulatio plana Plane joint Arthrodial joint  
Articulatio cylindrical Cylindrical joint    
Articulatio trochoidea Pivot joint    
Ginglymus Hinge joint    
Articulatio bicondylaris Bicondylar joint    
Articulatio sellaris Saddle joint; Sellar joint    
Articulatio ellipsoidea Condylar joint; Ellipsoid joint    
Articulatio spheroidea; Enarthrosis Ball and socket joint; Spheroidal joint    
Articulatio cotylica Cotyloid joint    
Ampiarthrosis Amphiarthrosis    
Abductio Abduction    
Adductio Adduction    
Rotatio externa; Exorotatio; Rotatio lateralis Lateral rotation; External rotation    
Rotatio interna; Endorotatio; Rotatio medialis Medial rotation; Internal rotation    
Circumductio Circumduction    
Flexio Flexion    
Extensio Extension    
Prontaio Pronation    
Supinatio Supination    
Oppositio Opposition    
Repositio Reposition    
Plantarflexio Plantarflexion    
Dorsiflexio Dorsiflexion    
Elevation, Depression, Eversion, Inversion, Protraction, Retraction Elevation, Depression, Eversion, Inversion, Protraction, Retraction    
Juncturae cranii Joints of skull    
Juncturae fibrosae cranii Cranial fibrous joints    
Syndesmoses cranii Cranial syndesmoses    
Ligamentum pterygospinale Pterygospinous ligament Ligament of Civinini  
Ligamentum stylohyoideum Stylohyoid ligament    
Suture cranii Cranial sutures    
Sutura coronalis Coronal suture    
Sutura sagittalis Sagittal suture    
Sutura lambdoidea Lambdoid suture; Lambdoidal suture    
Sutura occipitomastoidea Occipitomastoid suture    
Sutura sphenofrontalis Sphenofrontal suture    
Sutura sphenoethmoidalis Spheno-ethmoidal suture; Sphenoethmoidal suture    
Sutura sphenosquamosa Sphenosquamous suture    
Sutura sphenoparietalis Sphenoparietal suture    
Sutura squamosa Squamous suture; Squamousal suture    
(Sutura frontalis persistens; Sutura metopica) (Frontal suture; Metopic suture)    
Sutura parietomastoidea Parietomastoid suture    
(Sutura squamomastoidea) (Squamomastoid suture)    
Sutura frontonasalis Frontonasal suture    
Sutura frontoethmoidalis Fronto-ethmoidal suture; Frontoethmoidal suture    
Sutura frontomaxillaris Frontomaxillary suture    
Sutura frontolacrimalis Frontolacrimal suture    
Sutura frontozygomatica Frontozygomatic suture    
Sutura zygomaticomaxillaris Zygomaticomaxillary suture    
Sutura ethmoidomaxillaris Ethmoidomaxillary suture    
Sutura ethmoidolacrimalis Ethmoidolacrimal suture    
Sutura sphenovomeralis Sphenovomerine suture    
Sutura sphenozygomatica Sphenozygomatic suture    
Sutura sphenomaxillaris Sphenomaxillary suture    
Sutura temporozygomatica Temporozygomatic suture    
Sutura internasalis Internasal suture    
Sutura nasomaxillaris Nasomaxillary suture    
Sutura lacrimomaxillaris Lacrimomaxillary suture    
Sutura lacrimoconchalis Lacrimoconchal suture    
Sutura intermaxillaris Intermaxillary suture    
Sutura palatomaxillaris Palatomaxillary suture    
Sutura palatoethmoidalis Palato-ethmoidal suture; Palatoethmoidal suture    
Sutura palatina mediana Median palatine suture    
Sutura palatina transversa (where?) Transverse palatine suture    
Syndesmosis denoalveolaris; Gomphosis Dento-alveolar syndesmosis; Gomphosis    
Periodontium Periodontium; Periodontal membrane    
Gingiva Gingiva    
Periodontium protectionis Gum; Gingiva    
Periodontium insertionis Inserting periodontium    
Desmodontium Desmodentium; Periodontal fibre    
Cementum Cement; Cementum    
Alveoli dentales Dental alveoli    
Juncturae cartilagineae cranii Cranial cartilaginous joints    
Synchondroses cranii Cranial synchondroses    
Synchondrosis sphenoccipitalis Spheno-occipital synchondrosis; Sphenooccipital synchondrosis    
Synchondrosis sphenopetrosa Sphenopetrosal synchondrosis    
Synchondrosis petrooccipitalis Petro-occipital synchondrosis; Petrooccipital synchondrosis    
(Synchondrosis intraoccipitalis posterior) (Posterior intra-occipital synchondrosis)    
(Synchondrosis intraoccipitalis anterior) (Anterior intra-occipital synchondrosis)    
Synchondrosis sphenoethmoidalis Spheno-ethmoidal synchondrosis    
Articulationes cranii Cranial synovial joints    
Articulatio temporomandibularis Temporomandibular joint    
Discus articularis Articular disc    
Ligamentum laterale Lateral ligament    
Ligamentum mediale Medial ligament    
Membrana synovialis superior Superior synovial membrane    
Membrana synovialis inferior Inferior synovial membrane    
Ligamentum sphenomandibulare Sphenomandibular ligament    
Ligamentum stylomandibulare Stylomandibular ligament    
Articulatio atlantooccipitalis Atlanto-occipital joint; Atlantooccipital joint    
Membrana atlantooccipitalis anterior Anterior atlanto-occipital membrane; Anterior atlantooccipital membrane    
(Ligamentum atlantoccipitale anterius) (Anterior atlanto-occipital ligament); (Anterior atlantooccipital ligament)    
Membrana atlantooccipitalis posterior Posterior atlanto-occipital membrane; Posterior atlantooccipital membrane    
Ligamentum atlantooccipitale laterale Lateral atlanto-occipital ligament; Lateral atlantooccipital ligament    
Juncturae columnae vertebralis Vertebral joints    
Syndesmoses columnae vertebralis Syndesmoses of vertebral column    
Ligamenta interspinalia Interspinous ligaments    
Ligamenta flava Ligamenta flava    
Ligamenta intertransversaria Intertransverse ligaments    
Ligamentum supraspinale Supraspinous ligament    
Ligamentum nuchae Ligamentum nuchae; Nuchal ligament    
Ligamentum longitudinale anterius Anterior longitudinal ligament    
Ligamentum longitudinale posterius Posterior longitudinal ligament    
Ligamenta transversa Transverse ligaments    
Synchondroses columnae vertebralis Synchondroses of vertebral column    
Symphysis intervertebralis Intervertebral joint    
Discus intervertebralis Intervertebral disc    
Anulus fibrosus Anulus fibrosus    
Nucleus pulposus Nucleus pulposus    
Articulationes columnae vertebralis Vertebral synovial joints    
Articulatio atlantoaxialis mediana Median atlanto-axial joint; Median atlantoaxial joint    
Ligamenta alaria Alar ligaments    
Ligamentum apicis dentis Apical ligament of dens    
Ligamentum cruciforme atlantis Cruciate ligament of atlas    
Fasciculi longitudinales Longitudinal bands    
Ligamentum transversum atlantis Transverse ligament of atlas    
Membrana tectoria Tectorial membrane    
Articulatio atlantoaxialis lateralis Lateral atlanto-axial joint; Lateral atlantoaxial joint    
Articulationes zygapophysiales Zygapophysial joints Facet joints  
Articulatio lumbosacralis Lumbosacral joint    
Ligamentum iliolumbale Iliolumbar ligament    
Articulatio sacrococcygea Sacrococcygeal joint    
Ligamentum sacrococcygeum posterius superficiale; Ligamentum sacrococcygeum dorsale superficiale Superficial posterior sacrococcygeal ligament    
Ligamentum sacrococcygeum posterius profundum; Ligamentum sacrococcygeum dorsale profundum Deep posterior sacrococcygeal ligament    
Ligamentum sacrococcygeum anterius; Lig.sacrococcygeum ventrale Anterior sacrococcygeal ligament    
Ligamentum sacrococcygeum laterale Lateral sacrococcygeal ligament    
Juncturae thoracis Thoracic joints    
Syndesmoses thoracis Syndesmoses of thorax    
Membrana intercostalis externa External intercostal membrane    
Membrana intercostalis interna Internal intercostals membrane    
Synchondroses thoracis Synchondroses of thorax    
Synchondrosis costosternalis Costosternal joint    
Synchondrosis costae primae Synchondrosis of first rib    
Synchondroses sternales Sternal synchondroses    
Symphysis xiphosternalis Xiphisternal joint    
Symphysis manubriosternalis Manubriosternal joint    
(Synchondrosis manubriosternalis) (Manubriosternal synchondrosis)    
Articulationes thoracis Synovial joints of thorax    
Articulationes costovertebrales Costovertebral joints    
Articulatio capitis costae Joint of head of rib    
Ligamentum capitis costae radiatum Radiate ligament of head of rib    
Ligamentum capitis costae intraarticulare Intra-articular ligament of head of rib; Intraarticular ligament of head of rib    
Articulatio costotransversaria Costotransverse joint    
Ligamentum costotransversarium Costotransverse ligament    
Ligamentum costotransversarium superius Superior costotransverse ligament    
Ligamentum costotransversarium laterale Lateral costotransverse ligament Ligament of Krause  
Ligamentum lumbocostale Lumbocostal ligament    
Foramen costotransversarium Costotransverse foramen    
Articulationes sternocostales Sternocostal joints    
Ligamentum sternocostale intraarticulare Intra-articular sternocostal ligament; Intraarticular sternocostal ligament    
Ligamenta sternocostalia radiata Radiate sternocostal ligaments    
Articulationes costochondrales Costochondral joints    
Articulationes interchondrales Interchondral joints    
Juncturae membri superioris Joints of upper limb    
Syndesmoses cinguli pectoralis; Syndesmoses cinguli membri superioris Syndesmoses of pectoral girdle; Syndesmoses of shoulder girdle    
Ligamentum coracoacromiale Coraco-acromial ligament; Coracoacromial ligament    
Ligamentum transversum scapulae superius Superior transverse scapular ligament    
(Ligamentum transversum scapulae inferius) (Inferior transverse scapular ligament)    
Articulationes cinguli pectoralis; Articulationes cinguli membri superioris Synovial joints of pectoral girdle; Synovial joints of shoulder girdle    
Ligamentum acromioclaviculare Acromioclavicular ligament    
(Discus articularis) (Articular disc)    
Ligamentum coracoclaviculare Coracoclavicular ligament    
Ligamentum trapezoideum Trapezoid ligament    
Ligamentum conoideum Conoid ligament    
Articulatio sternoclavicularis Sternoclavicular joint    
Discus articularis Articular disc    
Ligamentum sternoclaviculare anterius Anterior sternoclavicular ligament    
Ligamentum sternoclaviculare posterius Posterior sternoclavicular ligament    
Ligamentum costoclaviculare Costoclavicular ligament    
Ligamentum interclaviculare Interclavicular ligament    
Syndesmosis radioulnaris Radio-ulnar syndesmosis; Radioulnar syndesmosis    
Membrana interossea antebrachii Interosseous membrane of forearm    
Chorda oblique Oblique cord    
Articulationes membri superioris liberi Synovial joints of free upper limb    
Articulatio humeri; Articulatio glenohumeralis Glenohumeral joint; Shoulder joint    
Labrum glenoidale Glenoid labrum Ligament of Macalister  
Ligamenta glenohumeralia Glenohumeral ligaments; Superior, middle, inferior Glenohumeral bands  
Ligamentum coracohumerale Coracohumeral ligament    
Ligamentum transversum humeri Transverse humeral ligament Ligament of Brodie  
Articulatio cubiti Elbow joint    
Articulatio humeroulnaris Humero-ulnar joint; Humeroulnar joint    
Articulatio humeroradialis Humeroradial joint    
Articulatio radioulnaris proximalis Proximal radio-ulnar joint; Proximal radioulnar joint    
Ligamentum collaterale ulnare Ulnar collateral ligament    
Ligamentum collaterale radiale Radial collateral ligament    
Ligamentum anulare radii Anular ligament of radius    
Ligamentum quadratum Quadrate ligament    
Recessus sacciformis Sacciform recess    
Articulatio radioulnaris distalis Distal radio-ulnar joint; Distal radioulnar joint    
Discus articularis Articular disc    
Recessus sacciformis Sacciform recess    
Articulationes manus Joints of hand    
Articulatio radiocarpalis Wrist joint    
Ligamentum radiocarpale dorsale Dorsal radiocarpal ligament    
Ligamentum radiocarpale palmare Palmar radiocarpal ligament    
Ligamentum ulnocarpale dorsale Dorsal ulnocarpal ligament    
Ligamentum ulnocarpale palmare Palmar ulnocarpal ligament    
Ligamentum collaterale carpi ulnare Ulnar collateral ligament of wrist joint    
Ligamentum collaterale carpi radiale Radial collateral ligament of wrist joint    
Articulationes carpi; Articulationes intercarpales Carpal joints; Intercarpal joints    
Articulatio mediocarpalis Midcarpal joint    
Ligamentum carpi radiatum Radiate carpal ligament    
Ligamenta intercarpalia dorsalia Dorsal intercarpal ligaments    
Ligamenta intercarpalia palmaria Palmar intercarpal ligaments    
Ligamenta intercarpalia interossea Interosseous intercarpal ligaments    
Articulatio ossis pisiformis Pisiform joint    
Ligamentum pisohamatum Pisohamate ligament Ligament of Barkow  
Ligamentum pisometacarpale Pisometacarpal ligament    
Canalis carpi Carpal tunnel    
Canalis ulnaris Ulnar canal    
Articulationes carpometacarpales Carpometacarpal joints    
Ligamenta carpometacarpalia dorsalia Dorsal carpometacarpal ligaments    
Ligamenta carpometacarpalia palmaria Palmar carpometacarpal ligaments    
Articulatio carpometacarpalis pollicis Carpometacarpal joint of thumb    
Articulationes intermetacarpales Intermetacarpal joints    
Ligamenta metacarpalia dorsalia Dorsal metacarpal ligaments    
Ligamenta metacarpalia palmaria Palmar metacarpal ligaments    
Ligamenta metacarpalia interossea Interosseous metacarpal ligaments    
Spatia interossea metacarpi Interosseous metacarpal spaces    
Articulationes metacarpophalangeae Metacarpophalangeal joints    
Ligamenta collateralia Collateral ligaments    
Ligamenta palmaria Palmar ligaments    
Ligamentum metacarpale transverum profundum Deep transverse metacarpal ligament    
Articulationes interphalangeae manus Interphalangeal joints of hand    
Ligamenta collateralia Collateral ligaments    
Ligamenta palmaria Palmar ligaments    
Juncturae membri inferioris Joints of lower limb    
Syndesmoses cinguli pelvici Syndesmoses of pelvic girdle    
Membrana obturatoria Obturator membrane    
Canalis obturatorius Obturator canal    
Symphysis pubica Pubic symphysis    
Discus interpubicus; Fibrocartilago interpubica Interpubic disc; Interpubic fibrocartilage    
Ligamentum pubicum superius Superior pubic ligament    
Ligamentum pubicum inferius Inferior pubic ligament; Arcuate pubic ligament    
Ligamentum pubicum arcuatus Arcuate pubic ligament    
Articulatio sacroiliaca Sacro-iliac joint; Sacroiliac joint    
Ligamentum sacroiliacum anterius Anterior sacro-iliac ligament; Anterior sacroiliac ligament    
Ligamentum sacroiliacum interosseum Anterior sacro-iliac ligament; Anterior sacroiliac ligament    
Ligamentum sacroiliacum posterius Posterior sacro-iliac ligament; Posterior sacroiliac ligament    
Ligamentum sacrotuberale Sacrotuberous ligament    
Processus falciformis Falciform process    
Ligamentum sacrospinale Sacrospinous ligament    
Foramen ischiadicum majus Greater sciatic foramen Greater ischiatic foramen  
Foramen ischiadicum minus Lesser sciatic foramen Lesser ischiatic foramen  
Syndesmosis tibiofibularis Tibiofibular syndesmosis; Inferior tibiofibular joint    
Membrana interossea cruris Interosseous membrane of leg    
Ligamentum tibiofibulare anterius Anterior tibiofibular ligament    
Ligamentum tibiofibulare posterius Posterior tibiofibular ligament    
Articulationes membri inferioris liberi Synovial joints of free lower limb    
Articulatio coxae; Articulatio coxofemoralis Hip joint    
Zona orbicularis Zona orbicularis    
Ligamentum iliofemorale Iliofemoral ligament Y ligament of Bigelow Ligament of Bertin
Pars transversa Transverse part    
Pars descendens Descending part    
Ligamentum ischiofemorale Ischiofemoral ligament    
Ligamentum pubofemorale Pubofemoral ligament    
Labrum acetabuli Acetabular labrum Glenoid labrum of hip  
Ligamentum transversum acetabuli Transverse acetabular ligament    
Ligamentum capitis femoris Ligament of head of femur Ligamentum teres of femur  
Articulatio genus Knee joint    
Meniscus lateralis Lateral meniscus    
Ligamentum meniscofemorale anterius Anterior meniscofemoral ligament Ligament of Humphrey  
Ligamentum meniscofemorale posterius Posterior meniscofemoral ligament Ligament of Wrisberg  
Meniscus medialis Medial meniscus    
Ligamentum transversum genus Transverse ligament of knee; Transverse genicular ligament Ligament of Weber  
Ligamentum cruciatum anterius Anterior cruciate ligament    
Ligamentum cruciatum posterius Posterior cruciate ligament    
Plica synovialis infrapatellaris Infrapatellar synovial fold    
Plicae alares Alar folds    
Ligamentum collaterale fibulare Fibular collateral ligament    
Ligamentum collaterale tibiale Tibial collateral ligament    
Ligamentum popliteum obliquum Oblique popliteal ligament Ligament of Bourgery Ligament of Winslow
Ligamentum popliteum arcuatum Arcuate popliteal ligament    
Ligamentum patellae; Tendinum patellae Patellar ligament; Patellar tendon    
Retinaculum patellae mediale Medial patellar retinaculum    
Retinaculum patellae laterale Lateral patellar retinaculum    
Corpus adiposum infrapatellare Infrapatellar fat pad    
Articulatio tibiofibularis superius Tibiofibular joint; Superior tibiofibular joint    
Ligamentum capitis fibulae anterius Anterior ligament of fibular head    
Ligamentum capitis fibulae posterius Posterior ligament of fibular head    
Syndesmosis tibiofibularis Tibiofibular syndesmosis    
Membrana interossea cruris Interosseous membrane of leg    
Articulatio tibiofibularis inferius Inferior tibiofibular joint    
Ligamentum tibiofibulae anterius Anterior tibiofibular ligament    
Ligamentum tibiofibulae posterium Posterior tibiofibular ligament    
Ligamentum tibiofibulae transversum Transverse tibiofibular ligament    
Articulationes pedis Joints of foot    
Articulatio talocruralis Ankle joint    
Ligamentum collaterale mediale; Ligamentum deltoideum Medial ligament; Deltoid ligament    
Pars tibionavicularis Tibionavicular part    
Pars tibiocalcanea Tibiocalcaneal part    
Pars tibiotalaris anterior Anterior tibiotalar part    
Pars tibiotalaris posterior Posterior tibiotalar part    
Ligamentum collaterale laterale Lateral ligament; Lateral collateral ligament    
Ligamentum talofibulare anterius Anterior talofibular ligament    
Ligamentum talofibulare posterius Posterior talofibular ligament Oblique ligament of Walther  
Ligamentum calcaneofibulare Calcaneofibular ligament    
Articulatio subtalaris; Articulatio talocalcanea Subtalar joint; Talocalcaneal joint    
Ligamentum talocalcaneum laterale Lateral talocalcaneal ligament    
Ligamentum talocalcaneum mediale Medial talocalcaneal ligament    
Ligamentum talocalcaneum posterius Posterior talocalcaneal ligament    
Articulatio tarsi transversa Transverse tarsal joint Chopart's joint  
Articulatio talocalcaneonavicularis Talocalcaneonavicular joint    
Ligamentum calcaneonaviculare plantare Plantar calcaneonavicular ligament; Spring ligament (repeated in plantar ligaments below)    
Articulatio calcaneocuboidea Calcaneocuboid joint    
Articulatio cuneonavicularis Cuneonavicular joint    
Articulationes intercuneiformes Intercuneiform joints    
Ligamenta tarsi Tarsal ligaments    
Ligamenta tarsi interossea Tarsal interosseous ligaments    
Ligamentum talocalcaneum interosseum Talocalcaneal interosseous ligament    
Ligamentum cuneocuboideum interosseum Cuneocuboid interosseous ligament    
Ligamenta intercuneiformia interossea Intercuneiform interosseous ligaments    
Ligamenta tarsi dorsalia Dorsal tarsal ligaments    
Ligamentum talonaviculare Talonavicular ligament    
Ligamenta intercuneiformia dorsalia Dorsal intercuneiform ligament    
Ligamentum cuneocuboideum dorsale Dorsal cuneocuboid ligament    
Ligamentum cuboideonaviculare dorsale Dorsal cuboideonavicular ligamente    
Ligamentum bifurcatum Bifurcate ligament    
Ligamentum calcaneonaviculare Calcaneonavicular ligament    
Ligamentum calcaneocuboideum Calcaneocuboid ligament    
Ligamenta cuneonavicularia dorsalia Dorsal cuneonavicular ligament    
Ligamentum calcaneocuboideum dorsale Dorsal calcaneocuboid ligament    
Ligamenta tarsi plantaria Plantar tarsal ligaments    
Ligamentum plantare longum Long plantar ligament    
Ligamentum calcaneocuboideum plantare Plantar calcaneocuboid ligament; Short plantar ligament    
Ligamentum calcaneonaviculare plantare Plantar calcaneonavicular ligament; Spring ligament    
Ligamenta cuneonavicularia plantaria Plantar cuneonavicualar ligaments    
Ligamentum cuboideonaviculare plantare Plantar cuboideonavicular ligaments    
Ligamenta intercuneiformia plantaria Plantar intercuneiform ligaments    
Ligamentum cuneocuboideum plantare Plantar cuneocuboid ligament    
Articulationes tarsometatarsales Tarsometatarsal joints    
Ligamenta tarsometatarsalia dorsalia Dorsal tarsometatarsal ligaments    
Ligamenta tarsometatarsalia plantaria Plantar tarsometatarsal ligaments    
Articulationes intermetatarsales Intermetatarsal joints    
Ligamenta metatarsalia interossea Metatarsal interosseous ligaments    
Ligamenta metatarsalia dorsalia Dorsal metatarsal ligaments    
Ligamenta metatarsalia plantaria Plantar metatarsal ligaments    
Spatia interossea metatarsi Intermetatarsal spaces    
Articulationes metatarsophalangeae Metatarsophalangeal joints    
Ligamenta collateralia Collateral ligaments    
Ligamenta plantaria Plantar ligaments    
Ligamentum metatarsale transversum profundum Deep transverse metatarsal ligament    
Articulationes interphalangeae pedis Interphalangeal joints of foot    
Ligamenta collateralia Collateral ligaments    
Ligamenta plantaria Plantar ligaments    
Musculi; Systema musculare Muscles; Muscular system    
Caput Head    
Venter Belly    
Insertio Attachment    
Punctum fixum Fixed end    
Punctum mobile Mobile end    
Musculus fusiformis Fusiform muscle    
Musculus planus Flat muscle    
Musculus rectus Straight muscle    
Musculus triangularis Triangular muscle    
Musculus quadratus Quadrate muscle    
Musculus biventer Two-bellied muscle    
Musculus biceps Two-headed muscle    
Musculus triceps Three-headed muscle    
Musculus quadriceps Four-headed muscle    
Musculus semipennatus; Musculus unipennatus Semipennate muscle; Unipennate muscle    
Musculus pennatus; Musculus bipennatus Pennate muscle; Bipennate muscle    
Musculus multipennatus Multipennate muscle    
Musculus orbicularis Orbicular muscle    
Musculus cutaneus Cutaneous muscle    
Musculus abductor Abductor muscle    
Musculus adductor Adductor muscle    
Musculus rotator Rotator muscle    
Musculus flexor Flexor muscle    
Musculus extensor Extensor muscle    
Musculus pronator Pronator muscle    
Musculus supinator Supinator muscle    
Musculus opponens Opponens muscle    
Musculus sphincter Sphincter muscle    
Musculus dilatator Dilator muscle    
Compartimentum Compartment    
Fascia Fascia    
Fascia capitis et colli Fascia of head and neck    
Fascia trunci Fascia of trunk    
Fascia parietalis Parietal fascia    
Fascia extraserosalis Extraserosal fascia    
Fascia visceralis Visceral fascia    
Fasciae membrorum Fascia of limbs    
Fasciae musculorum Fascia of muscles    
Fascia investiens Investing layer    
Fascia propria musculi Fascia of individual muscle; Muscle sheath    
Epimysium Epimysium    
Perimysium Perimysium    
Endomysium Endomysium    
Tendo Tendon    
Tendo intermedius Intermediate tendon    
Intersectio tendinea Tendinous intersection Tendinous inscription  
Aponeurosis Aponeurosis    
Arcus tendineus Tendinous arch    
Trochlea muscularis Tendinous arch    
Bursa synovialis Synovial bursa    
Vagina synovialis Synovial sheath    
Musculi capitis Muscles of head    
Musculi externi bulbi oculi Extra-ocular muscles    
Musculi ossiculorum auditus Muscles of auditory ossicles    
Musculi faciei Facial muscles    
Musculus epicranius Epicranius muscle    
Musculus occipitofrontalis Occipitofrontalis muscle    
Venter frontalis Frontal belly    
Venter occipitalis Occipital belly    
Musculus temporoparietalis Temporoparietalis muscle    
Galea aponeurotica; Aponeurosis epicranialis Epicranial aponeurosis    
Musculus procerus Procerus muscle    
Musculus nasalis Nasalis muscle    
Pars transversa Transverse part Compressor naris muscle  
Pars alaris Alar part Dilatator naris muscle  
Musculus depressor septi nasi Depressor septi nasi muscle    
Musculus orbicularis oculi Orbicularis oculi    
Pars palpebralis Palpebral part Horner's muscle? (pars lacrimalis?)  
Fasciculus ciliaris Ciliary bundle    
Pars profunda Deep part    
Pars orbitalis Orbital part    
Musculus corrugator supercilii Corrugator supercilii muscle Muscle of Koyter  
Musculus depressor supercilii Depressor supercilii muscle    
Musculus auricularis anterior Auricularis anterior muscle    
Musculus auricularis superior Auricularis superior muscle    
Musculus auricularis posterior Auticularis posterior muscle    
Musculus orbicularis oris Orbicularis oris muscle    
Pars marginalis Marginal part    
Pars labialis Labial part    
Musculus depressor anguli oris Depressor anguli oris muscle Triangularis muscle  
Musculus transversus menti Transversus menti muscle    
Musculus risorius Risorius muscle Muscle of Albinus  
Musculus zygomaticus major Zygomaticus major muscle    
Musculus zygomaticus minor Zygomaticus minor muscle    
Musculus levator labii superioris Levator labii superioris muscle    
Musculus levator labii superioris alaeque nasi Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle    
Musculus depressor labii inferioris Depressor labii inferioris muscle Muscle of Aeby Quadratus labii inferioris muscle
Musculus levator anguli oris Levator anguli oris muscle Caninus muscle  
Modiolus anguli oris Modiolus    
Musculus buccinator Buccinator muscle    
Musculus mentalis Mentalis muscle    
Musculus platysma Platysma muscle    
Musculi masticatorii Masticatory muscles    
Musculus masseter Masseter muscle    
Pars superficialis Superficial part    
Pars profunda Deep part    
Musculus temporalis Temporalis muscle; Temporal muscle    
Musculus pterygoideus lateralis Lateral pterygoid muscle    
Caput superius Upper head; Superior head    
Caput inferius Lower head; Inferior head    
Musculus pterygoideus medialis Medial pterygoid muscle    
Fascia buccopharyngea Buccopharyngeal fascia    
Fascia masseterica Masseteric fascia    
Fascia parotidea Parotid fascia    
Fascia temporalis Temporal fascia    
Lamina superficialis Superficial layer    
Lamina profunda Deep layer    
Musculi linguae Muscles of tongue    
Musculi palate mollis et faucium Muscles of soft palate and fauces    
Musculi colli; Musculi cervicis Muscles of neck    
Platysma Platysma muscle    
Musculus platysma Platysma muscle    
Musculus longus colli; Musculus longus cervicis Longus colli muscle    
Musculus longus capitis Longus capitis muscle    
Musculus scalenus anterior Scalenus anterior muscle; Anterior scalene muscle    
Musculus scalenus medius Scalenus medius muscle; Middle scalene muscle    
Musculus scalenus posterior Scalenus posterior muscle; Posterior scalene muscle    
(Musculus scalenus minimus) (Scalenus minimus muscle)    
Musculus sternocleidomastoideus Sternocleidomastoid muscle    
Caput sternale Sternal head    
Caput claviculare Clavicular head    
Musculi suboccipitales Suboccipital muscles    
Musculus rectus capitis anterior Rectus capitis anterior muscle    
Musculus rectus capitis lateralis Rectus capitis lateralis muscle    
Musculus rectus capitis posterior major Rectus capitis posterior major muscle    
Musculus rectus capitis posterior minor Rectus capitis posterior minor muscle    
Musculus obliquus capitis superior Obliquus capitis superior muscle    
Musculus obliquus capitis inferior Obliquus capitis inferior muscle    
Musculi suprahyoidei Suprahyoid muscles    
Musculus digastricus Digastric muscle    
Venter anterior Anterior belly    
Venter posterior Posterior belly    
Musculus stylohyoideus Stylohyoid muscle    
Musculus mylohyoideus Mylohyoid muscle    
Musculus geniohyoideus Geniohyoid muscle    
Musculi infrahyoidei Infrahyoid muscles    
Musculus sternohyoideus Sternohyoid muscle    
Musculus omohyoideus Omohyoid muscle    
Venter superior Superior belly    
Venter inferior Inferior belly    
Musculus sternothyroideus Sternothyroid muscle    
Musculus thyrohyoideus Thyrohyoid muscle    
(Musculus levator glandulae thyroideae) (Levator glandulae thyroideae muscle)    
Fascia cervicalis profundis; Fascia colli Deep Cervical fascia    
Lamina superficialis Investing layer; Superficial layer    
Spatium suprasternale Suprasternal space Space of Burns  
Fascia visceralis Visceral fascia    
Lamina pretrachealis Pretracheal layer    
Lamina buccopharyngea; Fascia buccopharyngea Buccopharyngeal layer; Buccopharyngeal fascia    
Ligamentum suspensorium glandulae throideae Suspensory ligament of thyroid gland    
Lamina prevertebralis Prevertebral layer    
Fascia scalenus Scalene fascia Sibson's fascia  
Vagina carotica Carotid sheath    
Musculi pharynges Pharyngeal muscles    
Musculi larynges Laryngeal muscles    
Musculi dorsi Muscles of back    
Musculus trapezius Trapezius muscle    
Pars descendens Descending part; Superior part    
Pars transversa Transverse part; Middle part    
Pars ascendens Ascending part; Inferior part    
(Musculus transverses nuchae) (Transversus nuchae muscle)    
Musculus latissimus dorsi Latissimus dorsi muscle    
Musculus rhomboideus major Rhomboid major muscle    
Musculus rhombiodeus minor Rhomboid minor muscle    
Musculus levator scapulae Levator scapulae muscle    
Musculus serratus posterior inferior Serratus posterior inferior muscle    
Musculus serratus posterior superior Serratus posterior superior muscle    
Musculi intertransversarii anteriores cervicis; Musculi intertransversarii anteriores colli Anterior cervical intertransversarii muscles    
Musculi intertransversarii posteriors laterales cervicis; Musculi intertransversarii posteriores laterales colli Lateral posterior cervical intertransversarii muscles    
Musculi intertransversarii laterales lumborum Intertransversarii laterales lumborum muscles    
Partes dorsales Dorsal parts    
Partes ventrales Ventral parts    
Fascia nuchae Nuchal fascia    
Musculi dorsi proprii Muscles of back proper    
Musculus erector spinae Erector spinae muscle Sacrospinalis muscle  
Aponeurosis musculus erectoris spinae Erector spinae aponeurosis    
Septum intermusculare Intermuscular septum    
Musculus iliocostalis Iliocostalis muscle    
Musculus iliocostalis lumborum Iliocostalis lumborum muscle    
Pars lumbalis; Divisio lateralis m. erectoris spinae lumborum Lumbar part; Lateral division of lumbar erector spinae    
Pars thoracica Thoracic part    
Musculus iliocostalis cervicis; Musculus iliocostalis colli Iliocostalis cervicis muscle    
Musculus longissimus Longissimus muscle    
Musculus longissimus thoracis Longissimus thoracis muscle    
Pars lumbalis; Divisio medialis m. erectoris spinae lumborum Lumbar part; Medial division of lumbar erector spinae    
Musculus longissimus cervicis; Musculus longissimus colli Longissimus cervicis muscle    
Musculus longissimus capitis Longissimus capitis muscle    
Musculus spinalis Spinalis muscle    
Musculus spinalis thoracis Spinalis thoracis muscle    
Musculus spinalis cervicis; Musculus spinalis colli Spinalis cervicis muscle    
Musculus spinalis capitis Spinalis capitis muscle    
Musculi spinotransversales Spinotransversales muscles    
Musculus splenius Splenius muscle    
Musculus splenius capitis Splenius capitis muscle    
Musculus splenius cervicis; Musculus splenius colli Splenius cervicis muscle    
Musculi transversospinales (not a muscle, but a group of muscles) Transversospinales muscle, Transversospinal muscles or group of muscles    
Musculi multifidi Multifidus muscle    
Musculus multifidus lumborum Multifidus lumborum muscle    
Musculus multifidus thoracis Multifidus thoracis muscle    
Musculus multifidus cervicis; Musculus multifidus colli Multifidus cervicis muscle    
Musculus semispinalis Semispinalis muscle    
Musculus semispinalis thoracis Semispinalis thoracis muscle    
Musculus semispinalis cervicis; Musculus semispinalis colli Semispinalis cervicis muscle    
Musculus semispinalis capitis Semispinalis capitis muscle    
Musculi rotatores Rotatores muscles    
(Musculi rotatores lumborum) (Rotatores lumborum muscles)    
Musculi rotatores thoracis Rotatores thoracis muscles    
Musculi rotatores cervicis; Musculi rotatores colli Rotatores cervicis muscles    
Musculi interspinales Interspinales muscles    
Musculi interspinales lumborum Interspinales lumborum muscles    
Musculi interspinales thoracis Interspinales thoracis muscles    
Musculi interspinales cervicis; Musculi interspinales colli Interspinales cervicis muscles    
Musculi intertransversarii Intertransversarii muscles    
Musculi intertransversarii mediales lumborum Medial lumbar intertransversarii muscles    
Musculi intertransversarii thoracis Thoracic intertransversarii muscles    
Musculi intertransversarii posteriores mediales cervicis; Musculi intertransversarii posteriores mediales colli Medial posterior cervical intertransversarii muscles    
Fascia thoracolumbalis Thoracolumbar fascia Lumbodorsal fascia  
Aponeurosis thoracolumbalis Thoracolumbar aponeurosis    
Lamina posterior; Lamina superficialis Posterior layer, Superficial layer    
Lamina media Middle layer, Intermediate layer    
Lamina anterior; Lamina profunda; Fascia musculi quadrati lumborum Anterior layer; Deep layer, Quadratus lumborum fascia    
Musculi thoracis Muscles of thorax    
(Musculus sternalis) (Sternalis muscle)    
Musculus pectoralis major Pectoralis major muscle    
Pars clavicularis Clavicular head    
Pars sternocostalis Sternocostal head    
Pars abdominalis Abdominal part    
Musculus pectoralis minor Pectoralis minor muscle    
Musculus subclavius Subclavius muscle    
Musculus serratus anterior Serratus anterior muscle    
Musculi levatores costarum Levatores costarum muscles    
Musculi levatores costarum longi Levatores costarum longi muscles    
Musculi levatores costarum breves Levatores costarum breve muscles    
Musculi intercostales externi External intercostal muscles    
Membrana intercostalis externa External intercostal membrane    
Musculi intercostales interni Internal intercostal muscles    
Membrana intercostalis interna Internal intercostal membrane    
Musculi intercostales intimi Innermost intercostal muscles    
Musculi subcostales Subcostales muscles; Subcostal muscles    
Musculus transverses thoracis; Musculus transversus thoracis Transversus thoracis muscle    
Fascia pectoralis Pectoral fascia    
Fascia clavipectoralis Clavipectoral fascia    
Ligamentum costocoracoidalis Costocoracoid ligament    
Membranum costocoracoidalis Costocoracoid membrane    
Ligamentum suspensorium axillae Suspensory ligament of axilla Campbell’s ligament  
Fascia thoracica Thoracic fascia    
Fascia endothoracica; Fascia parietalis thoracis Endothoracic fascia; Parietal fascia of thorax    
Diaphragma Diaphragm; Respiratory diaphragm    
Pars lumbalis diaphragmatis Lumbar part    
Crus dextrum Right crus    
Crus sinistrum Left crus    
Ligamentum arcuatum medianum Median arcuate ligament    
Ligamentum arcuatum mediale Medial arcuate ligament    
Ligamentum arcuatum laterale Lateral arcuate ligament Lumbocostal arch  
Pars costalis diaphragmatis Costal part    
Pars sternalis diaphragmatis Sternal part    
Hiatus aorticus Aortic hiatus    
Hiatus oesophageus; Hiatus esophageus Oesophageal hiatus; Esophageal hiatus    
Ligamentum phrenicooesophagealis Phrenico-oesophageal ligament; Phrenicoesophageal ligament    
Centrum tendineum Central tendon    
Foramen venae cavae Caval opening; Caval foramen    
Trigonum sternocostale Sternocostal triangle    
Trigonum lumbocostale Lumbocostal triangle Bochdalek's gap  
Fascia diaphragmatica Diaphragmatic fascia    
Musculi abdominis Muscles of abdomen    
Musculus rectus abdominis Rectus abdominis muscle    
Intersectiones tendineae Tendinous intersections Tendinous inscriptions  
Vagina musculi recti abdominis Rectus sheath    
Lamina anterior Anterior layer    
Lamina posterior Posterior layer    
Linea arcuata Arcuate line Line of Douglas Linea semicircularis
Musculus pyramidalis Pyramidalis muscle    
Musculus obliquus externus abdominis External oblique muscle; External abdominal oblique muscle    
Ligamentum inguinale; Arcus inguinalis Inguinal ligament Poupart's ligament Lateral ligament of Vesalius
Ligamentum lacunare Lacunar ligament Gimbernat's ligament  
Ligamentum pectineum Pectineal ligament Cooper's ligament  
Ligamentum reflexum Reflected ligament Colles' ligament  
Anulus inguinalis superficialis Superficial inguinal ring    
Crus mediale Medial crus    
Crus laterale Lateral crus    
Fibrae intercrurales Intercrural fibres    
Musculus obliquus internus abdominis Internal oblique muscle; Internal abdominal oblique muscle    
Musculus cremaster Cremaster muscle    
Musculus transversus abdominis Transversus abdominis muscle; Transverse abdominal    
Falx inguinalis; Tendo conjunctivus Inguinal falx; Conjoint tendon    
Anulus inguinalis profundus Deep inguinal ring    
Linea alba Linea alba    
Anulus umbilicalis Umbilical ring    
Adminiculum lineae albae Posterior attachment of linea alba    
Linea semilunaris Linea semilunaris; Semilunar line    
Canalis inguinalis Inguinal canal    
Musculus quadratus lumborum Quadratus lumborum muscle    
Fascia abdominis Abdominal fascia    
Fascia abdominis visceralis Visceral abdominal fascia    
Fascia propria organi Fascia of individual organ    
Fascia extraperitonealis Extraperitoneal fascia    
Ligamentum extraperitoneale Extraperitoneal fascia    
Fascia abdominis parietalis; Fascia endoabdominalis Parietal abdominal fascia; Endo-abdominal fascia    
Fascia propria organi Fascia of individual organ    
Fascia iliopsoas; Fascia iliaca Iliopsoas fascia; Fascia iliaca    
Pars psoatica Psoas fascia    
Pars iliaca Iliac fascia    
Arcus iliopectineus Iliopectineal arch Iliopectineal ligament  
Fascia transversalis Transversalis fascia    
Ligamentum interfoveolare Interfoveolar ligament Hesselbach's ligament  
Tractus iliopubicus Iliopubic tract    
Fascia umbilicalis Umbilical fascia    
Fascia investiens adbominis Investing abdominal fascia    
Fascia investiens profunda Deep investing fascia    
Fasciae investientes intermediae Intermediate investing fascia    
Fascia investiens superficialis Superficial investing fascia    
Ligamentum suspensorium clitoridis ♀ Suspensory ligament of clitoris ♀    
Ligamentum suspensorium penis ♂ Suspensory ligament of penis ♂    
Textus connectivuc laxus Loose connective tissue    
Tela subcutanea abdominis Subcutaneous tissue of abdomen    
Stratum membranosum Membranous layer Scarpa's fascia  
Ligamentum fundiforme clitoridis ♀ Fundiform ligament of clitoris ♀    
Ligamentum fundiforme penis ♂ Fundiform ligament of penis ♂    
Panniculus adiposus Fatty layer Camper's fascia  
Fascia pelvis; Fascia pelvica Pelvic fascia    
Fascia pelvis visceralis Visceral pelvic fascia    
Fascia propria organi Fascia of individual organ    
Fasica rectoprostatica; Septum rectovesicale♂ Rectoprostatic fascia; Rectovesical septum ♂ Denonvillier's fascia  
Fasica rectovaginalis; Septum rectovaginale ♀ Rectovaginal fascia; Rectovaginal septum ♀    
Fascia extraperitonealis Extraperitoneal fascia    
Ligamentum extraperitoneale Extraperitoneal ligament    
Fascia pelvis parietalis; Fascia endopelvina Parital pelvic fascia; Endopelvic fascia    
Fascia propria organi Fascia of individual organ    
Fascia obturatoria Obturator fascia    
Arcus tendineus fasciae pelvis Tendinous arch of pelvic fascia    
Fascia musculi piriformis Piriformis fascia    
Fascia superior diaphragmatis pelvis Superior fascia of pelvic diaphragm    
Ligamentum pubovesicale; Ligamentum mediale puboprostaticum ♂ Pubovesical ligament; Medial puboprostatic ligament ♂    
Ligamentum mediale pubovesicale ♀ Medial pubovesical ligament ♀    
Musculus pubovesicalis Pubovesicalis muscle    
Ligamentum puboprostaticum; Ligamentum laterale puboprostaticum ♂ Puboprostatic ligament; Lateral puboprostatic ligament ♂    
Ligamentum laterale pubovesicale ♀ Lateral pubovesical ligament ♀    
Ligamentum laterale vesicae Lateral ligament of bladder    
Musculus rectovesicalis Rectovesicalis muscle    
Fascia presacralis Presacral fascia    
Fascia rectosacralis Rectosacral fascia    
Fascia inferior diaphragmatis pelvis Inferior fascia of pelvic diaphragm    
Diaphrama pelvis Pelvic diaphragm; Pelvic floor    
Fascia superior diaphragmatis pelvis Superior fascia of pelvic diaphragm    
Fascia inferior diaphragmatis pelvis Inferior fascia of pelvic diaphragm    
Musculus levator ani Levator ani muscle    
Musculus pubococcygeus Pubococcygeus muscle    
Musculus puboperinealis Puboperinealis muscle    
Musculus puboprostaticus; Musculus levato prostatae Puboprostaticus muscle; Levator prostatae muscle    
Musculus pubovaginalis ♀ Pubovaginalis muscle    
Musculus puboanalis Pubo-analis muscle    
Musculus puborectalis Puborectalis muscle    
Musculus iliococcygeus Iliococcygeus muscle    
(Arcus tendineus musculi levatoris ani) (Tendinous arch of levator ani)    
Hiatus urogenitalis Urogenital hiatus    
Musculus ischiococcygeus; Musculus coccygeus Ischiococcygeus muscle; Coccygeus muscle    
Musculus sphincter ani externus External anal sphincter muscle    
Pars subcutanea Subcutaneous part    
Pars superficialis Superficial part    
Pars profunda Deep part    
Corpus anococcygeum; Ligamentum anococcygeum Anococcygeal body; Anococcygeal ligament    
Tendo musculi pubococcygei Pubococcygeal tendon    
Raphe musculi iliococcygei Iliococcygeal raphe    
Insertio parties superficialis musculi spincteris ani externi Attachment of superficial external anal sphincter    
Musculi membri superioris Muscles of upper limb    
Compartimenta Compartments    
Compartimentum brachii anterius; Compartimentum brachii flexorum Anterior compartment of arm; Flexor compartment of arm    
Compartimentum brachii posterius; Compartimentum brachii extensorum Posterior compartment of arm; Extensor compartment of arm    
Compartimentum antebrachii anterius; Compartimentum antebrachii flexorum Anterior compartment of forearm; Flexor compartment of forearm    
Pars superficialis Superficial part    
Pars profunda Deep part    
Compartimentum antebrachii posterius; Compartimentum antebrachii extensorum Posterior compartment of forearm; Extensor compartment of forearm    
Pars lateralis; Pars radialis Lateral part; Radial part    
Musculi Muscles    
Musculus deltoideus Deltoid muscle    
Pars clavicularis Clavicular part    
Pars acromialis Acromial part    
Pars spinalis Spinal part    
Musculus supraspinatus Supraspinatus muscle    
Fascia supraspinata Supraspinous fascia    
Musculus infraspinatus Infraspinatus muscle    
Fascia infraspinata Infraspinous fascia    
Musculus teres minor Teres minor muscle    
Musculus teres major Teres major muscle    
Musculus subscapularis Subscapularis muscle    
Musculus biceps brachii Biceps brachii muscle    
Caput longum Long head    
Caput breve Short head    
Aponeurosis musculi bicipitis brachii; Aponeurosis bicipitalis; Lacertus fibrosus Bicipital aponeurosis Lacertus fibrosus  
Musculus coracobrachialis Coracobrachialis muscle    
Musculus brachialis Brachialis muscle    
Musculus triceps brachii Triceps brachii muscle    
Caput longum Long head    
Caput laterale Lateral head    
Caput mediale; Caput profundum Medial head; Deep head    
Musculus anconeus Anconeus muscle    
Musculus articularis cubiti Articularis cubiti muscle    
Tendo flexor communis Common flexor tendon    
Musculus pronator teres Pronator teres muscle    
Caput humerale Humeral head    
Caput ulnare Ulnar head    
Musculus flexor carpi radialis Flexor carpi radialis muscle    
Musculus palmaris longus Palmaris longus muscle    
Musculus flexor carpi ulnaris Flexor carpi ulnaris muscle    
Caput humerale Humeral head    
Caput ulnare Ulnar head    
Musculus flexor digitorum superficialis Flexor digitorum superficialis muscle Flexor digitorum sublimis muscle  
Caput humeroulnare Humero-ulnar head    
Caput radiale Radial head    
Musculus flexor digitorum profundus Flexor digitorum profundus muscle    
Musculus flexor pollicis longus Flexor pollicis longus muscle    
Musculus pronator quadratus Flexor quadratus muscle    
Musculus brachioradialis Brachioradialis muscle    
Musculus extensor carpi radialis longus Extensor carpi radialis longus muscle    
Tendo extensor communis Common extensor tendon    
Musculus extensor carpi radialis brevis Extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle    
Musculus extensor digitorum Extensor digitorum muscle Extensor digitorum communis muscle  
Connexus intertendinei Intertendinous connections    
Musculus extensor digiti minimi Extensor digiti minimi muscle Extensor digiti quinti muscle  
Musculus extensor carpi ulnaris Extensor carpi ulnaris muscle    
Caput humerale Humeral head    
Caput ulnare Ulnar head    
Musculus supinator Supinator muscle    
Musculus abductor pollicis longus Abductor pollicis longus muscle    
Musculus extensor pollicis brevis Extensor pollicis brevis muscle    
Musculus extensor pollicis longus Extensor pollicis longus muscle    
Musculus extensor indicis Extensor indicis muscle    
Musculus palmaris brevis Palmaris brevis muscle    
Musculus abductor pollicis brevis Abductor pollicis brevis muscle    
Musculus flexor pollicis brevis Flexor pollicis brevis muscle    
Caput superficiale Superficial head    
Caput profundum Deep head    
Musculus opponens pollicis Opponens pollicis muscle    
Musculus adductor pollicis Adductor pollicis muscle    
Caput obliquum Oblique head    
Caput transversum Transverse head    
Musculus abductor digiti minimi Abductor digiti minimi muscle    
Musculus flexor digiti minimi brevis Flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle    
Musculus opponens digiti minimi Opponens digiti minimi muscle    
Musculi lumbricales Lumbricals; Lumbrical muscles    
Musculi interossei dorsales Dorsal interossei muscles    
Musculi interossei palmares Palmar interossei muscles    
Fasciae Fascia    
Fascia axillaris Axillary fascia    
Ligamentum suspensorium axillae Suspensory ligament of axilla Campbell’s ligament  
NO: this is part of clavipectoral fascia    
Fascia deltoidea Deltoid fascia    
Fascia brachii Brachial fascia    
Septum intermusculare brachii mediale Medial intermuscular septum of arm